Obama tells us to “shut up & get out of the way”!

The President actually says “he’ll clean up the mess We created but he does not want to hear alot of talking from those who created it”. The arrogance of this guy is becoming unbearable! Most of the social programs bankrupting the country are courtesy of the Democrats. Sure the Republicans have contributed to the “mess”, but the reality is that the “mob”  is us. We are the protestors and we are the the angry citizens…. and oh yeah, they work for and represent us. Maybe the President needs to rethink bullying US! Watch this video… His ARROGANCE is APALLING!

One response to “Obama tells us to “shut up & get out of the way”!

  1. APALLING? APALLING?! That doesn’t even begin to describe it. I am disgusted. I feel sick to my stomach everytime I hear him speak now. I knew he would win the election, and so I thought maybe he won’t be toooooo very bad. Lord was I wrong! I am so very concerned for our country. This is no longer the country I was born in. That the President can so flagrantly try to intimidate us into silence is unacceptable.

    Be afraid for your country. BE VERY AFRAID! We are on the verge of losing what used to be a great nation!

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