The Building Blocks of Socialism… the Democrats legislative agenda

The Building Blocks of Socialism

The American Way of Life Under Siege – Day 210

This blog has 3 goals, they are:

Goal #1 – I want To PISS YOU OFF!!

Goal #2 – I want To MAKE YOU THINK!

Goal #3 – And I want to MOTIVATE YOU to TAKE ACTION by getting involved!

As I been writing for several weeks, our way of life, our freedom, our liberty and the America that we all love is under attack from the Socialist Left. They are led by President Obama, a Harvard educated community organizer who grew up in the rough and tumble world of Chicago politics. As we have discussed previously, he has a plan and he built a team around him to execute it. He is counting on your passive – “that can’t happen in America attitude” to provide a window of opportunity for him to “Fundamentally transform America!”

Remember – his team is mostly the Czars who work inside the Executive Branch of the Government and are only accountable to the President – no congressional, judicial oversight or approval- and sure as hell – no transparency!

I want to focus on the immediate risks. While everyone is in a twist over the health care bill it is just one of the problems. I find myself getting sucked in – wanting to virtually debate the President and call him out on his disingenuous town hall rhetoric. He likes to discuss in general terms the policies of how he claims his administration would interpret and administer the program. All the while deftly avoiding the contents of the bill which would become law. Just think back to tax cuts for 95% of Americans or the veto pen to stop pork barrel spending policies which have or are changing because “the situation changed”. However, we must remain vigilant because the healthcare reform is not the only game changing bill on the table. Keeping up with these guys is like playing 3 card monte with a street hustler.

Remember the administration is following the community organizer’s handbook. The plan is to overwhelm the system. Why is there such a rush to pass all this legislation? Why has there been several major bills overlapping in Congress ever since he took office – Tax & Cap, Healthcare Reform, Bailouts, Card Check, Serve America Act, etc.? Got it yet? That’s right – overwhelm the system because they are betting we can’t organize fast enough to stop everything.

Play Chuck Todd clip starts at 1:25

Think about this – we are less than a year into this administration and a year away from bringing any balance back to Congress. Anything we do beat back they have time to try again. Worse yet anything they pass, even in a watered down version they have their foot in the door. Remember the infamous Rahm Emanuel quote about crisis.

Play Rahm Emanuel Crisis Clip

There are 4 pieces of legislation that are inching closer to a vote each of which pose significant risk by themselves but any combination or worse yet all of them passing is nothing short of a monumental disaster.

So what are the game changers pending before Congress or being proposed as regulatory guidelines by the administration. They are:

Obviously Healthcare Reform is the one that drives the most emotion and has dominated the spotlight. This mostly because it is the one that is most easily personalized.

The Waxman Markey Climate Change Bill also known as Cap and Tax or the Climate Change Bill. While not as easy to see all the ways this will directly affected our lives on an individual basis, it is every bit as insidious.

The Employee Free Choice Act – Also known as Card Check. There could not be a more misleading name for a piece of legislation than this one. The bill makes union organizing much easier by eliminating secret ballot union ratification votes. It also creates a much more difficult environment for employers to tell their side of the story once organizing begins as well as changing the negotiating landscape if an organizing effort is successful. More on this later.

Last but not least, an assault on free speech. This will likely occur through a regulatory initiative rather than legislation. This program was formerly known as the Fairness Doctrine. This will be spearheaded by Mark Lloyd, the FCC’s new chief diversity officer. In 2007, he laid out a “battle plan” for liberal activists to target conservative talk radio stations authoring for the Center for American Progress a report called “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio”. In his new role at the FCC, it is almost a certainty that this will become an agenda item at some point. This is especially obvious when you consider how much credit Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and other conservative talk show hosts are being given for the current healthcare reform backlash.

In the interest of the length of this post, I am going to tackle two of these items in this one and the next two tomorrow. Let’s start with the Fairness Doctrine. I want to do this for two reasons; first, you can go a thousand other places to read about Healthcare Reform and second, if a new version of the Fairness Doctrine goes through – where will we get the other side of the news?

So what is the Fairness Doctrine? Introduced in 1949, it required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was (in the Commission’s view) honest, equitable and balanced. In other words, the Fairness Doctrine had two basic elements: It required broadcasters to devote some of their airtime to discussing controversial matters of public interest, and to air contrasting views regarding those matters. Stations were given wide latitude as to how to provide contrasting views: It could be done through news segments, public affairs shows, or editorials. The doctrine did not require equal time for opposing views but required that contrasting viewpoints be presented.

In 1985, the Fairness Doctrine was revoked by then FCC Chairman Mark Fowler, a communications attorney who said, that the doctrine hurt the public interest and violated free speech rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. The left has been howling ever since.

Mark Lloyd, the FCC’s new chief diversity officer’s report found that 90% of political talk radio programming has a conservative orientation. He thinks this is some how unfair. To start with he contends that this impart is due to the consolidation of radio syndicates around the country. He believes that big business backs the conservative or Republican viewpoint. Therefore, they are taking away the local voice that might be more liberal. This proves two things to me. First, he does not understand free market economics because if nobody is listening then nobody would be advertising. Advertising pays the bills so I don’t care what you personally believe – if you own the radio station and nobody is buying ads – you will change the programming. Second, he obviously does not watch the network TV news because it is pretty one sided to the left.

So what is his bottom line – well, in his paper for the Center for American Progress, he concludes that under the current guidelines the public interests are not being served. Lloyd in his paper says that the solution is to restructure the system to change ownership guidelines to reduce the footprint of large broadcast ownership groups. He also recommends shorter license terms and significant penalties based on programming content designed to subsidize smaller operators to keep their stations on the air. Even though his report acknowledges more demand for conservative political talk versus that of liberals he believes there needs to be more “balance”. Can you say state run radio? Make no mistake – free speech is under attack. You don’t need to look any further than the healthcare town halls to understand that if you disagree then you should shut up – or prepare to be ridiculed and attacked.

If you want to read Mr. Lloyd’s report you can find it at:




Next Up – The Waxman Markey Climate Change Bill or (Cap & Tax)

What is cap and trade?

The Cap – It is a system that sets a limit or a cap on emissions generated by fossil fuel use. Companies will be given an emission limit based on either a formula or a historical profile. Over time the limit would be reduced to achieve a target that in theory would reduce the cumulative global output to 80% of 1990 actual output by 2050.

The Trade – Companies that perform below their allocated levels can bank the unused units and sell them to companies that exceed their allocated units.

Theoretically, the system would be adopted worldwide and the total global cap would be designed to reduce global warming. This sounds great right?

So are you ready for the rest of the story?

This is going to essentially be the biggest “disguised tax” in U.S. history. President Obama promised no new taxes for 95% of Americans. This bill is at its’ heart a tax on energy. While defenders say it only taxes dirty, carbon based energy turns out that is about 90% of the energy used in this country. An average American will see their energy bills increase between $1000 & $2000 per year depending on where they live and how their energy is produced.

Play Cap and Trade – It’s an energy tax

This bill will also result in significant job losses as energy companies struggle to become compliant with new government regulations and businesses struggle with the higher price of energy. Some analysts are saying job losses will average 2.5 million per year for up to three years after the program is implemented. This would be on top of the million Americans already unemployed.

Another thing that should worry us all… after a draft of the bill had been made easily accessible to the public for over a month, just hours before the bill was voted on 350 pages of amendments were tacked on containing God knows what! Another bill passed that nobody read completely after the last minute additions – I’m scared, are you?

However, while the government holds U.S. businesses to these ridiculous standards, the Chinese are polluting the hell out of the planet and kicking our ass at manufacturing. Good thing global warming is a myth!

Meanwhile back at home in the U.S., the federal government has piled on the regulations and restrictions that continue to reduce America’s global competitiveness. The Congress and environmental groups have objections to almost every solution to America’s move toward energy independence which translates into a healthier economy.

Here is a list of potential solutions along with the associated objection:

Nuclear power: Cheap and surprisingly safe, despite the safety concerns the industry has had a long record of safe operations in the U.S. There are 439 nuclear power plants operating in 30 countries around the world, 104 in the U.S. This is one of the largest sources of power in Europe. It also has a smaller carbon footprint than other energy sources. Legitimately, nuclear power is the easiest to argue against due to storage, safety and potential target for terrorism.

Coal Powered Electric Generation: The largest source of power in the U.S. coal plants produce the highest level of carbon dioxide of the primary sources. While there is a lot of work on building clean coal technology debate rages over whether it is real and cost effective. Ironically, coal provides the most immediate solution to U.S. energy independence because we have some of the world’s largest reserves. However, if we are not allowed to use it here at home I am sure we will eventually sell our coal reserves off to China and India allowing them to use the cheaper fuel while we pay higher prices at home.

Wind Power: While wind power is one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly sources for power it still receives continuous attacks from environmental and citizens groups. The primary complaints from environmentalists focus on birds and bats with regard to migratory patterns. While citizen groups often complain about the aesthetics of the turbines themselves. Even Sen. Ted Kennedy, supposedly a supporter of all things green, complained about the Cape Wind Project near his summer home. Of course, wind turbines will also require those nasty transmission lines.

Solar Power: Solar technology has evolved to a point where base load solar power is now technically feasible. California has started exploring the possibility of constructing such plants in the Mohave Desert. While today it remains relatively expensive 4x the cost of coal powered electricity per kilowatt hour there is confidence in the engineering community that costs could be cut by as much as two thirds as the technology continues to be refined. The only known negative environmental impact is construction of the plants and the use of transmission lines to bring the power back to the population centers. The environmentalists have already started their campaigns to protect the desert and all the areas the transmission lines will be built on. Prompting a frustrated California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to say, “They say we want renewable energy but they say they don’t want us to put it anywhere. I don’t know if this is ironic or absurd. But, I mean, if we can’t put solar power plants in the Mohave Desert, I don’t know where the hell we can put them.”

I think you are starting to get the point. Ironically, the U.S. Senate already voted 95-0 against participation in the Kyoto Treaty or any similar treaty.

Recognizing that there was not support in Congress to vote this type of legislation into law, on April 17th the Administration used its’ regulatory power through the EPA and announced that greenhouse gas emission were a threat to public health because they contribute to climate change. This sets the stage for the EPA to regulate emissions from a wide spectrum of sources including vehicles, power plants, manufacturing facilities, oil refineries and airplanes. Soon we will be chasing environmental standards that are unrealistic and hurt our ability to compete in the world. These standards will raise the cost of power, transportation and products for both citizens and most American businesses. This feeds into the larger cycle of government rules and regulations that reduce the profitability of our economy, put us at a disadvantage in the global market and slows economic recovery.

The only winners in this situation will be the multi-national businesses such as GE which spent an estimated $20 million on lobbying efforts on all things green. In addition to their huge footprint in wind and solar power, GE has announced the launch of a new subsidiary called Greenhouse Gas Services, which will facilitate the trading of carbon tax credits. GE and others are poised to cash in on this “crisis” while the rest of us are left to foot the bill.

In the end Cap & Trade will be just another undisclosed tax and financial burden on the citizens of the U.S. It is an international wealth shifting program that holds the U.S. to the highest standard while holding China arguably the other super power to none.

Ask yourself why as an American, your standard of living should be lowered and your way of life changed to finance this nonsense while the rest of the world is free to continue on their merry way, doing what they want and kicking our butts in the process?

Remember the words of Emma Brindal, a climate justice campaigner and a coordinator for Friends of the Earth: “A climate change response must have at its heart a redistribution of wealth and resources.”

Write your representatives and tell them we are not interested in Cap & Trade or subsidizing the cost of switching to alternative energy systems on an artificial schedule. Since this bill has already passed the house, we need to focus on our Senators. We must send them a clear message that this bill must not pass. We can be good citizens of the world without destroying our economy. Through American innovation we will continue to move toward cleaner energy and more thoughtful environmental policies but not at the expense of our own economic security. Scare tactics aside, we have time to both “fix” the problems and protect our economy. There is no time to waste; this needs your immediate attention. To learn more about The Waxman Markey Climate Change Bill or Cap & Trade check my blog category under Global Warming for several very specific posts.

Unfortunately, Congress is currently littered with a variety of proposed legislation that supports the administration’s social reengineering agenda. We must be vigilant in identifying these bills and fight them. After all, the only thing at stake is the American Dream!

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  1. Being from Alaska, I have seen first hand the effects of global warming. I have witnessed glaciers calve off in monumental proportions.

    In fact, I found a disturbing, yet spectacular movie that shows global warming footage of calving glaciers. Huge chunks of ice breaking off into the ocean! You can find this film called “Alaska, The Tracy Arm Experience” on Film Baby HERE:

    I highly recommend buying Alaska, The Tracy Arm Experience. Watch the glaciers disappear before your eyes and show your friends and family what is really going on in Alaska.

  2. Unlike The Tracy Arm Experience who could not be more full of shit, I believe only two words are needed as a comment; Fantastic Article!

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