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The Building Blocks of Socialism … The Democrat’s Agenda, Pt. 2

The Building Blocks of Socialism … The Democrat’s Agenda, Pt. 2

The American Way of Life Under Siege – Day 211

The goals of today’s blog remain the same as yesterday:

Goal #1 – I want To PISS YOU OFF!!

Goal #2 – I want To MAKE YOU THINK!

Goal #3 – And I want to MOTIVATE YOU to TAKE ACTION by getting involved!

This is part 2 of a three part series on pending legislation that attacks the American Way of Life. These bills are the building blocks for a national shift to socialism. This legislation must be stopped our freedom and liberty depend on it.

In part 1 of the series we covered the possible return of the Fairness Doctrine and The Waxman Markey Climate Change Bill a.k.a. Cap & Tax. In part 2 we will discuss The Employees Free Choice Act or Card Check. Part 3 will be reserved for Healthcare Reform.

The Employees Free Choice Act or Card Check

The Employee Free Choice Act, or “card check,” has been introduced in the past three Congresses, but it always failed to win the 60 votes needed to pass controversial legislation in the Senate. But now there is real trouble on the horizon – it’s name is Al Franken. With his swearing in complete, the democrats might finally have enough votes to push this bill through as he becomes the 60th member of the democratic Senate caucus.

The proposed law gives workers a choice of forming a union through majority sign-up (“card check”) or an election by secret ballot. Critics warn that this will lead to employee intimidation to sign cards and will deny individuals the right to a secret ballot. The secret ballot has been the safety valve in the organizing process. Employees could go along with process to allow a vote by signing the organizing petition but had the safety of the secret ballot to protect their individual vote. As a manufacturing manager for 30 years I have had a front row seat to union organizing efforts twice. In both cases, employees were under tremendous peer pressure to sign the petition. However, both times the union was defeated by the secret ballot. It sure seemed like the process worked as it was supposed to each time. The other major criticism is that it will kill jobs because small to medium size employers will not be able to afford unionized shops, in many this will drive them out of business. The business community is geared up to fight the bill.

Supporters say the legislation will improve wages, benefits, and working conditions by helping workers form unions.

“Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process.” – Hillary Clinton

Shouldn’t this apply towards something as important as a union election too? After all the signing the card means that you want to hear more. After both sides present their case you go cast your vote in private.

So why do we need this law? First, it will help the unions get easier victories and build their dwindling membership. Oh, yeah and the labor unions strongly support the democrats. Can you say AWU and SEIU? This is as much about politics as it is about employee’s rights.

There is one more aspect to the bill that is equally as troubling as the secret ballot issue. That is the method by which negotiations would be handled under the bill. If the employer and the union did not reach a deal in 120 days, a government arbitration panel could intervene and take over the negotiations.

For many, the government arbitration clause looks to be a deal breaker. As long as that provision is in the bill Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah says, “I don’t know how anybody can talk compromise.” He added, “If it wasn’t for the political power of the national unions, this wouldn’t have a chance. But they are powerful.”

Ironically, during the 2008 elections anti card check ads featured the head liberal of his time – former S.D. Sen. George McGovern as their spokesman.

Play George McGovern clip

Even George could not get behind elimination of the secret ballot to protect the privacy of each employee. We must fight this legislation. With unemployment already tracking at 9.4% nationally, we can not afford more job loss. It’s bad for business, it is un-American and since when are we against a secret ballot? Write your Senator and tell them –just say no!

Unfortunately, Congress is currently littered with a variety of proposed legislation that supports the administration’s social reengineering agenda. Write your representatives and tell them we are not interested in an American makeover or living in a socialist nanny state. We must send them a clear message that these bills must not pass. We must be vigilant in identifying these bills and fighting them. After all, the only thing at stake is the American Dream!

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” – Mark Twain