Van Jones Update – Republicans are As* hol*s

On Feb. 11th before his appointment as the Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones said Republicans are assholes. Regardless of the spin this guy is “who we think he is”! A radicalcommunist should not have a job atthe White House – period. So based on all we know about him, where are the cries of righteous indignation from Republicans and fair minded democrats to have him removed?

Write your representative and ask them what they plan to do to address this. Make your voice heard. Restore the Republic, Revolt against Communism!

2 responses to “Van Jones Update – Republicans are As* hol*s

  1. Van Jones should be an inspiration to us all. A communist? He wants to use the power of the market to create green energy jobs. unskilled labor installing and manafacturing solar panels. bolstering american jobs and the economy. communists?

  2. I have known people like Mr JOnes my entire life. They hate white people, and love to blame them for everything. I, for one refuse to take the blame for the ills that confront the “Other America” that he feels is his constiuency. I pay my taxes,keep my mouth shut, and go about my business. He shsould do the same. He’s a rabble rouser, nothing more and nothing less.

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