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Van Jones – More Crazy Talk

Jones audio/video continues to surface, each painting a more complete picture of the man and his agenda.

VAN JONES: One of the things that has happened I think too often to progressives is that we don’t understand the relationship between minimum goals and maximum goals. Right after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, if the civil rights leaders had jumped out and said, okay, now, we want reparations for slavery. We want redistribution of all wealth.  And we want to legalize mixed marriages. If they come out with a maximum program the very next day, they would have been laughed at. Instead they came out with a very minimum program: You know, we just want to integrate these buses. The students a few years later came out with a very minimum program, we just want to sit at the lunch counter. But inside that minimum demand was a very radical kernel that eventually meant that from 1954 to 1958, you know, complete revolution was on the table.  For this country. And I think that this green movement has to pursue those same steps and stages. Right now we’re saying we want to move from suicidal gray capitalism to some kind of eco capitalism. Where, you know, at least we’re not, you know, fast tracking the destruction of the whole planet. Well will that be enough? No, it won’t be enough.

Listen to the audio at:

Again, Obama says he should be judge by the quality of the counsel he seeks –  so what are we learning? Based on this; the Presisent either has very poor judgement or he agrees with Van Jones.

He doesn’t agree Jones must go – if he does, we have a very big problem!

Are they trying to bankrupt the country?

The article below from today’s Washington Post is just another sign of how much trouble we are in. While jobs continue to be lost in the private sector, the only place where jobs are being created is the government. The article suggests that over the next 4 years the number of federal employees will grow by 33%. Since government is not a revenue generator – how will we pay for this? If the answer is taxes, then jobs will continue to be lost in the private sector. This has the potential to create another death spiral for the US economy. Taking on any further debt at this point should be unthinkable! 

Federal Government Needs Massive Hiring Binge, Study Finds

By Steve Vogel Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, September 3, 2009

The federal government needs to hire more than 270,000 workers for “mission-critical” jobs over the next three years, a surge prompted in part by the large number of baby-boomer federal workers reaching retirement age, according to the results of a government-wide survey being released Thursday. 

The numbers also reflect the Obama administration’s intent to take on several enormous challenges, including the repair of the financial sector, fighting two wars, and addressing climate change.

“It has to win the war for talent in order to win the multiple wars it’s fighting for the American people,” said Max Stier, president and chief executive of the Partnership for Public Service, the think tank that conducted the survey of 35 federal agencies, representing nearly 99 percent of the federal workforce.

Despite its comprehensive scope, the survey is necessarily imprecise about certain questions in looking so far into the future. The number of hires would be affected, for example, by federal workers deciding to delay their retirement, the government continuing to rely on private contractors to handle some of these jobs, and Congress balking at the price tag of adding new workers to the federal payroll.

Nevertheless, the survey makes clear that the majority of new hires will be needed in five broad fields — medical, security, law enforcement, legal and administrative.

Mission-critical jobs are those positions identified by the agencies as being essential for carrying out their services. The study estimates that the federal government will need to hire nearly 600,000 people for all positions over President Obama’s four years — increasing the current workforce by nearly one-third.

The medical and public health area is most in need of hires, according to the study. Stier described the Department of Veterans Affairs as a “dramatic example” of an agency with pressing needs, as a result of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. VA, according to the report, will need more than 48,000 hires over the next three years, including 19,000 nurses and 8,500 physicians.

Intelligence agencies expect to hire 5,500 people in the next year and “in the same order of magnitude” over the following two years, according to Ronald P. Sanders, chief human capital officer for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Such agencies include the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency.

“It’s a combination of how much turnover we expect and how much growth we expect in our budget,” Sanders said.

The nation’s unsettled economy and high unemployment rate may ease the government’s task, as workers turn to the federal sector for job security and good benefits. But Stier said many federal agencies will have to fight to attract top talent, particularly in fields in which government cannot compete with private-sector salaries.

“Most are going to see extreme competition with the private sector,” Stier said. This could be especially true in fields such as medical, legal and information technology, he said.

Yet federal hiring remains a cumbersome process for many agencies. “Fixing the hiring process is a key component in making it work,” Stier said.

“Most government agencies have been historically passive, announcing jobs and waiting for people to line up,” said Sanders, who served as associate director for policy for the Office of Personnel and Management before joining the national intelligence office.

It is interesting that the areas identified as the primary need are medical, security, law enforcement, legal and administrative. Especially the assertion that we need to add 5,500 people a year to the CIA and the NSA. Who are we going to be monitoring that we need such a sizeable increase in these areas?

A recent Cato Institute survey shows that federal workers earn an average of twice as much as their private sector peers when benefits are included. To be precise, the average federal wage is $79,197, which is 59 percent higher than the private-sector average of $49,935. When you add in benefits, the average federal pay package comes to $119,982, versus $59,909 in the private sector. Using this data the federal would increase by approximately $32,395,140,000 in the next three years.

Where will this end? We must stop spending money we do not have. We need to start shedding government cost not adding to it.

In the real world if you tap out your line of credit and spend all the cash you have on hand, you can’t continue to spend. However, if you are the government you can just keep printing money. The country has tapped out most of its’ realistic lines of credit and so now we are simply printing money. We are headed for a financial Armageddon. If this spending continues, inevitably we will end up with hyper inflation and a worthless dollar.

If the President wants to show some real leadership, he should do what we do every day in private industry, demand budget cuts! For as long as I have been running business units in the private sector I can not remember a year that my employers didn’t say “we need to reduce costs”. Even in a growing company there is an expectation that while your total spend may go up to support growth, the efficiency for each dollar spent needed to improve. It is not a secret that the business of government is highly inefficient. Start with something simple like every agency and department must cut its’ operating expenses by 10 % each year for the next three years without eliminating core services. Notice I said expenses not budget. I guarantee you it can be done. It is done all the time in the private sector. Since the government has never focused on efficiency this mandate could likely be effective for the next ten years. The President and Congress needs to call a moratorium on spending for non essential services and focus on reducing our national debt.

Again I am asking you to stand up and be counted. Make your voice heard before it is too late. A bankrupt America will provide the “opportunity of crisis” that the Progressive Left is hoping for and then all bets are off. They will finish the job they have started and the America that we love will be destroyed.

Call and write your representatives – Tell them that they must STOP this reckless and unacceptable spending now or we will throw them out of office in the next election! We are running out of time, we can not afford to allow any more of this nonsense to move forward.

Restore the Republic, Revolt against the Progressive Agenda!

Food for thought: The Wisdom of Ronald Reagan

“The government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it”.

“The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much”.

“The taxpayer – that’s someone who works for the federal government but doesn’t have to take the civil service examination”.