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The NEA and the Obama Art Propaganda Program

Art as Propaganda – A historical perspective: 

“Art was considered to be one of the most important elements to strengthening the Third Reich and purifying the nation. Political aims and artistic expression became one. The task of art in the Third Reich was to shape the population’s attitudes by carrying political messages with stereotyped concepts and art forms”.

“True art as defined by Hitler was linked with the country life, with health, and with the Aryan race. “We shall discover and encourage the artists who are able to impress upon the State of the German people the cultural stamp of the Germanic race . . . in their origin and in the picture which they present they are the expressions of the soul and the ideals of the community.” Hitler, Party Day speech, 1935

The above passages are from “A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust”

Fast forward to the present:

The passage below is from an article by Patrick Courrielcheent, a writer for Big Hollywood, part of Breitbart.com

On Thursday August 6th, I was invited by the National Endowment for the Arts to attend a conference call scheduled for Monday August 10th hosted by the NEA, the White House Office of Public Engagement, and United We Serve. The call would include “a group of artists, producers, promoters, organizers, influencers, marketers, taste-makers, leaders or just plain cool people to join together and work together to promote a more civically engaged America and celebrate how the arts can be used for a positive change!” 

I learned after the conference call that there were approximately 75 people participating, including many well respected street-artists, filmmakers, art galleries, music venues, musicians and music producers, writers, poets, actors, independent media outlets, marketers, and various other professionals from the creative community. I suppose I was invited because of my work in creating arts initiatives, but being a former employer of the NEA’s Director of Communications was probably a factor as well. 

Backed by the full weight of President Barack Obama’s call to service and the institutional weight of the NEA, the conference call was billed as an opportunity for those in the art community to inspire service in four key categories, and at the top of the list were “health care” and “energy and environment.” The service was to be attached to the President’s United We Serve campaign, a nationwide federal initiative to make service a way of life for all Americans. 

Above examples of scary propoganda art from Rock the Vote.

Later after word of the conference call began to spread, Communications Director for the NEA Yosi Sergant claimed that they were not the ones who sent out the invitations for the conference call.” Mr. Sergant directed us to the Corporation for National and Community Service as the body that sent out the invitations.” 

According to Patrick Courrielcheent they are playing loose with the facts.  As can be clearly seen here, the invitation not only came from the National Endowment for the Arts, but from Sergant himself [click image to enlarge]:

Once again the administration is busted! They continue to treat the American public who they are supposed to be serving as if we are deaf, dumb and blind. Worse yet they believe that we are easily manipulated. Their behavior, their totally disdain for our Constitution and their tactics are insult to our intelligence.

Below are two videos from Glenn Beck: The first contains audio of the NEA call and the second is an interview with Patrick Courrielcheent.

I am truly running out of new things to say about what is going on. America – this is wrong! What has happenened to our country in less than a year? What is worse; is there is historical precedent for the type of things we are seeing. There is a force at work intent on “transforming” our country. Hope and Change sounds positive but the transformation so far seems much more insidious. There are red flags all over this administration; what is their end game? We need to find out before it is too late. For those who will say I am a conspiracy theorist, I say – Really? If it was one thing, one or two red flags you would have an argument but every day we hear something new. And they are not listening to us – if they were they would not still be trying to cram HealthCare Reform down our throats. Instead they would back off a little and try to come up with a plan they could sell. But no – we get a joint session of Congress where the president will “layout his expectations and time line for getting this done”, an art propoganda advertising blitz and a live presidential teleconference with our school children. This my friends is not how it is supposed to be in America.

Stand up, Fight back and Make your voice heard! Restore the Republic, Reject the Progressive Left!

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” — Patrick Henry 

“Truther” Van Jones

So here is more distrubing Van Jones news. Apparently in 2004 he signed on with the 911 Truthers, a group that believes that the government allowed the attack to happen to justify a war in the Middle East. Of course, now Jones says he never really meant it.
How many things will Jones and the rest of the adminstration be given a pass on before the “good guys” in Congress and the news media, assuming there are any left, step up and say something is wrong. The country has always had unscrupulous politicians and news people who were willing to look the other way to advance their own beliefs…. but seriously this getting ridiculous, there seems to be a crazy or a crook every where you look! 
Go to article using link below:
It is time for President to ask Jones to resign. There really is nothing else left to do. If the President continues to support Jones then at a minimum we must question his judgement.
Restore the Republic, Reject the Progressive Left!