“Truther” Van Jones

So here is more distrubing Van Jones news. Apparently in 2004 he signed on with the 911 Truthers, a group that believes that the government allowed the attack to happen to justify a war in the Middle East. Of course, now Jones says he never really meant it.
How many things will Jones and the rest of the adminstration be given a pass on before the “good guys” in Congress and the news media, assuming there are any left, step up and say something is wrong. The country has always had unscrupulous politicians and news people who were willing to look the other way to advance their own beliefs…. but seriously this getting ridiculous, there seems to be a crazy or a crook every where you look! 
Go to article using link below:
It is time for President to ask Jones to resign. There really is nothing else left to do. If the President continues to support Jones then at a minimum we must question his judgement.
Restore the Republic, Reject the Progressive Left!

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