Attack on America -ACLU John Adams Project

Once again the Progressive left is undermining America and our safety. Rather than accept that the government would not release the names of CIA operatives involved with use of enhanced interrogation tactics for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, they have begun their own efforts to out the agents. These clowns have hired private investigators to sneak around and take pictures of CIA agents who may have interrogated captured al-Qaida suspects.  They then show the pictures to terror suspects and their lawyers.

As Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly describes it, “This insidious outfit believes the CIA tortured casually and the U.S.A. is a human rights violator.”

Speaking in defense of this lunacy is John Adams Project attorney, Nina Ginsberg, who said, “”CIA agents put a lot of people in danger, they put this country in danger, they put American Soldiers in danger.”

The President and the Justice Department needs to put a stop to this immediately. Our agents were acting on orders and in the best interest of our country. If we won’t defend them now – who will be willing to defend us in the future. By all accounts the intelligence yielded through these techniques potentially saved thousands of civilian lives.

It is unbelievable that this can happen in America! It was called the War on Terror for a reason, if it takes these techniques to defend our homeland and innocent civilians from terrorist attacks then so be it. The act of outing a CIA agent earned Scooter Libby a stint in jail – so what should the penalty be for those behind the John Adams Project?

This is an outrage! It is time for the President to defend those who defend us, to do anything less is unacceptable.

Watch as a member of O’Reilly’s team attempts to get a comment from Nina Ginsberg….

5 responses to “Attack on America -ACLU John Adams Project

  1. I’d like to know how we can put the heat on this woman and this organization. I saw that moment, and I just *loved* how indignant she was about being approached at the drug store, while she, meanwhile, is part of violating privacy and safety of these CIA agents.

  2. do these americans even know who john adams is??? have they EVEN watched the HBO series (then they would have a little more “common sense” about american history”) these people are complete MORONS and they NEED to read US history about the foundation of the US!!!

  3. Obviously the solution is to send in the two kids that busted ACORN to infiltrate the ACLU and bust their asses too.

  4. John Adams,was a great american.These slum should not used his name.But what how become of our great America any way.Maybe someone will busted them also.

  5. I think John Adams would puke if he saw what happened to his nation and the wimps that occupy it today.

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