Another Rally that the Media Missed – Doctors Storm DC!

Last weekend while researching for my Blog Talk Radio show, I stumbled across this website. It is a website dedicated to debunking the government spin on healthcare reform. It is written by and for practicing physicians. It is loaded with excellent information on the proposals from the physicians perspective. I recommend it for anyone trying to sift through the rhetoric.

From the website:

Friday, Sept. 11, 2009 By: Kathleen Walter

More than 1,000 physicians from all 50 states converged on Washington, D.C., on Thursday in demonstration against controversial healthcare legislation and the American Medical Association, a leading advocate of H.R. 3200, also known as America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.

Wearing surgical scrubs, chanting and brandishing signs, the doctors picketed on the front steps of the AMA’s building and delivered a very powerful message.

AAPS President Mark Kellen, M.D., of Rockford, Ill., writes: “The entire logic of H.R. 3200 is flawed and is based on decreasing patient choices and ultimately transferring control to the federal government…. The bill has no laudable parts.”

American Association of Pysicians and Surgeons sue the White House

The Office of the President and other White House officials are defendants in a free speech lawsuit filed by a prominent physician group, and a non-profit advocate for inner-city poor.

The White House has “unlawfully collected information on political speech,” thereby illegally using the power of the White House to combat opposition to its plans for health care reform. The suit was filed by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).

Who is AAPS?

Take Back Medicine is a project of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons

Since 1943, the mission of AAPS has been to preserve the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship from third-party intrusion

A member-supported organization, AAPS accepts no government grants, or pharmaceutical or other corporate funding.

I highly recommend you go to their site and check out their section on MythBusters that explains various claims being made by supporters of HR 3200. Also watch their video town hall below:

Restore the Republic, Reject the agenda of the Progressive Left!

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand”

Milton Friedman

2 responses to “Another Rally that the Media Missed – Doctors Storm DC!

  1. REAL Doctors instead of Lawyers who Lobby for the AMA.

    The AMA should have a disclaimer which says “No actual Doctors opinions were included in our previous statement. Doctors opinions may vary wildly from that of the AMA”

  2. I was shocked when the AMA sold out the doctors. About half plan to go out of business after Obamacare. In what way can this be good for doctors?

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