A fish may make San Joaquin Valley an endangered species

The bread basket of America is at risk because a 2″ smelt that is an endangered species was being killed by the water irrigation system that watered the valley. Federal guidelines and a court injunction by environmentalist have resulted in the shutdown of the irrigation system. The result is a drastic drop in farm production and 40% unemployment in the valley. Have we lost our minds? We are now putting bait fish ahead of our citizens – this is an outrage! This does not only affect those in the valley – it is going to affect all of us. This is going to effect the price and availability of fresh US grown produce. Do you really want more of the food you eat to come from places like South America, China and Asia? Any samonella concerns there?

See the Associated Press story below:

Schwarzenegger demands response to water crisis

By GARANCE BURKE Associated Press Writer

Posted: 09/02/2009 02:58:19 PM PDT

Updated: 09/02/2009 06:01:19 PM PDT

FRESNO, Calif.—Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called on the Obama administration Wednesday to intervene immediately in California’s water crisis, saying environmental restrictions that have slashed water deliveries to farms and cities were having “catastrophic impacts.”

The Republican governor sent a letter demanding a federal response to the state’s prior requests to hold talks about reduced supplies from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the delicate ecosystem that serves as the main conduit moving water from north to south.

A three-year drought is to blame for the bulk of the state’s current water shortages, and it has caused cities to ration their supplies and farmers to fallow a quarter-million acres.

The environmental restrictions, which were designed to protect the estuary’s struggling fish populations, also have limited the amount of water pumped to Southern California residents and farmers.

The governor and the farming industry have been pressing the federal government to rewrite plans protecting species like the chinook salmon in a way that will lessen impacts on the water supply.

Idled farmworkers have driven the unemployment rate to nearly 40 percent in some dry pockets of the fertile San Joaquin Valley.

“What is the path forward so we can protect the species as well as the economy?” said California Department of Water Resources Director Lester Snow. “If they have a better way of doing this, they need to come forward with that better way.”

An attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, which has sued to protect the fish, said the restrictions were based on sound science, and would help support commercial fishermen, who have not been able to fish for two seasons because salmon have been so scarce.

A spokeswoman for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the agency was reviewing the letter.

America, wake up! This is the type of environmental activism that needs to be stopped. Contact your Senators and tell that San Joaquin Valley needs their help!

9 responses to “A fish may make San Joaquin Valley an endangered species

  1. Texans for America First

    This is the biggest disgrace to date by these so called “environmentalists”… They are less about conservation, and more about making our nation into a third world state. When we turn our backs on the wonderful resources and possibilites that have made us so blessed, we are truly playing with fire. Nothing good will come of such madness. Throw these idiots under the bus, once and for all!!!!

  2. Run the farmers out of business. Run the distributors out of business. Destroy food crops. Increase food prices and create scarcity. Viola, total dependence on government. I think it has deeper significance than the smelt.

  3. I find it hard to believe that some of the valleys citizens have not chosen to use one of the the many fish toxins that are not harnful to people and done away with the delta smelt. Doing this would be illegal I am sure. And I do not advocate that this be done by anyone but the US government to alleivate this travesty. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_toxins )

  4. The smelt are in NORTHERN CA. The Valley is much further south. You are talking about farmers and immigrants – who work to LIVE. THEY DO NOT HAVE A VOICE…

  5. I saw this special by Sean Hannity and I can’t believe the devastation this has all caused. The environmentalist certainly does not think things through. There has got to be a way to correct this where everyone benefits. I live near the Great Lakes where there was a problem with Sea Lamprey. Screens were used to prevent lamprey eels from entering into the Great Lakes. It made a big difference. Perhaps this can be utilized.

  6. Vicki (my name is Vicki too, LOL), George Radanovich has proposed a “Two Gates” project and other remedies (a separate, peripheral canal that bypasses the Delta). Congress won’t budge, even though this could be a “shovel-ready” project.

    Congressman George Miller of the Bay Area is dead set that we must let the entire Central Valley revert to desert because farming is “unnatural.”

    Sacramento, Martinez, Berkeley and Stockton are dumping raw sewage into the Delta. None of them wants to build a water treatment plant. They supported the US Fish and Wildlife Service decision to declare the smelt an endangered species and close the pumps during spawning season. Don’t listen to Dept. of the Interior Salazar when he says, “The pumps are on.” Yes they are, but they are shut off in spring when it’s time to plant the crops and not turned on again until fall when the timeframe for the profitable crops has passed.

    It gets worse. Because of a bill passed in congress, the San Joaquin River is now going to flow to the Delta instead of using the water for farms. That decision may be part of the same mindset – to dilute the sewage (that Los Angeles drinks and showers with, by the way).

    All this for a fish that IS NOT NATIVE TO CALIFORNIA!!!! It’s not part of the food chain for salmon or any other fish. It’s an excuse to get rid of conservatives in the Central Valley and to permanently guarantee 50-odd electoral votes for Democrat presidential candidates. Conservatives are leaving the state in droves. We have 12% of the population and 33% of the welfare recipients.

    • what a crock of bull re:

      Sacramento, Martinez, Berkeley and Stockton are dumping raw sewage into the Delta.

      ExZonie, surely you have ample links to support your completely, insulting to intelligence, statement

      Please post the links. Thanks

  7. Plese understand that there there is a minimum flow THAT IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED, INTO SAN FRANCISCO BAY, in order to keep the saltwater from encroaching further inland, and destroying 10’s of 1,000’s of acres of rich farmland around the DELTA. MUCH OF THE REMAINING WATER GOES TO L.A.

    Lake Shasta, source of the Sacramento River, is lower than it has ever been, since it was built. They can only send so much water; we are all hurting.

    It’s called the harsh reality of a prolonged drought. It’s as simple as that, and there isn’t anything that can be done about it

  8. When you hate humanity, it’s easy to decide that a fish is more important than human life.

    This isn’t about saving fish, it’s about destroying people. We shouldn’t forget how evil the bastards behind this movement are!

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