Daily Archives: September 22, 2009

Anti-capitalism Propoganda aimed at YOUR KIDS!

Watch this video, it is unreal. This another propoganda campaign aimed at our school children. This video is already being shown in schools and churches in the US. The message is that capitalism is evil. The video is a product of the Progressive Left, George Soros and The Tides Foundation. It is being used around the world and is available in several languages.

There is also another version that has been released by conservatives which debunks the crap that is in the Tides version. Watch that version on the link below:

Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – Video: Debunking Story of Stuff

Bottom line: America is in the biggest fight in its’ history to protect – Our way of life, our freedom, our liberties, our sovereignity and the American Dream! It is time to stand up and fight back! If you love this country and you are not involved yet – What are you waiting for? Contact your local school board and make sure that this propoganda is not being shown to your kids!

Restore the Republic, Reject the agenda of the Socialist Left!

“We remark with special satisfaction those [favorable circumstances] which, under the smiles of Providence, result from the skill, industry and order of our citizens managing their own affairs in their own way and for their own use, unembarrassed by too much regulations, unoppressed by fiscal exactions.” –Thomas Jefferson