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7 Reasons you can not trust Obama with your Healthcare

“It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood”. – James Madison

As the President calls for civility and a more thoughtful debate on Healthcare reform, everyone should be asking themselves – Why should I trust this man? So far the Obama presidency has been a string of broken promises, false hope and change for the worse.

So rather than debate healthcare directly, I want to illustrate why we can not trust this administration with the stewardship of our healthcare and another 18% of the economy. I will do this by presenting the outcome of some of the other “promises” that our President ran on. After that you can decide if you want to place your health and the future of our economy into the hands of this president and the Progressive Left.

Taxes: This president ran on the promise of reducing taxes for 95% of taxpayers. This can not and will not happen. We have a runaway deficit and out of control spending with more spending on the way. As a result the government needs to raise cash, so brace yourself; they are coming after everything. Here is a quick list of alternative ways to tax you currently under consideration, in addition to good old fashion income tax: a tax on soda, a tax on company furnished cell phones/laptops, energy taxes (on average $1,800 per household) courtesy of the climate change bill, a tax on your healthcare benefits, a wine/spirits tax, repeal of the 2001/2003 Bush tax cuts, changes to capital gains taxes, increases in federal excise tax on cigarettes, increase in federal excise tax on gasoline and a repeal of tax protection for retirement savings. Get the picture? Even if the taxes on some Americans aren’t direct by means of an income tax, make no mistake – the amount of money the government is going to take from you will go up!

Transparency: Candidate Obama campaigned on the promise of transparency. President Obama has been anything but. He has more Czars than any president in history. He does things behind the curtain and has HIS agenda laid out. He seems arrogant and aloof. He is unwilling to openly discuss his agenda and is extremely thin skinned when his agenda is criticized. He promised on-line accessibility to major legislation at least 5 days in advance of votes, not only has this not happened but he has allowed organizations like the Apollo Alliance, The Tides Foundation, SEIU and other special interest groups have a hand in writing major bills such as the Stimulus Bill. Even worse, he promised he would use the veto pen to stop pork barrel spending and when presented with a pork filled Omnibus spending bill this year, he signed it anyway.

Afghanistan: “By any measure, our single-minded and open-ended focus on Iraq is not a sound strategy for keeping America safe,” Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama said, which continued a theme he has outlined before: Afghanistan, not Iraq, should be the centerpiece of the war on terrorism. “Our troops and our NATO allies are performing heroically in Afghanistan, but I have argued for years that we lack the resources to finish the job because of our commitment to Iraq,” Obama said. “I will make the fight against al Qaeda and the Taliban the top priority that it should be. This is a war that we have to win.”

Recently, General McChrystal is reported to favor a renewed effort to secure the Afghan population in crucial areas like Kandahar city. However he is frustrated, the White House and Pentagon made directives over the last six weeks that Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, not submit his request for as many as 45,000 additional troops because the administration isn’t ready for it.

This week President Obama said, “I’m going to take a very deliberate process in making those decisions… And so I just want to be absolutely clear, because there’s been a lot of discussion in the press about this: There is no immediate decision pending on resources”.

As a result General McChrystal has said he will resign if his request is not met. It has reached a point where the military is questioning the administration’s commitment to success in Afghanistan.

Apparently, the President is having a problem with following through on commitments he made as a candidate. However his indecision in this case is costing him credibility and putting our troops in danger. If he has changed his mind he should pull the troops out and tell us why.

The Eastern European Missile Defense System: Candidate Obama promised to follow through on a planned missile defense shield for Poland and the Czech Republic proposed by President Bush in 2006.

However, on Thursday Obama said he is replacing the planned missile defense system with what he called a new approach for defending the United States and its NATO allies from a missile threat from Iran.

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have both praised Obama’s decision. To add insult to injury, Obama made the announcement on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland during World War Two.

Wasn’t one of Obama’s other campaign promises to rebuild our relationships with our allies? Wonder how that’s working out right now?

Cash for Clunkers: What seemed like a simple program to stimulate car sales turned into the typical government program, riddled with delays, red tape and computer glitches. Originally the program was funded for $1 billion and supposed to run for 90 days. However after 10 days the program was broke so the government coughed up another $2 billion and ran another three weeks. Throughout its’ the program was plagued with all types of computer and administrative issues. After it was over dealers where howling about the delays they experienced in receiving their funds.

So let’s put this in perspective, the same group that wants us to trust them with our healthcare and 18% of our economy couldn’t figure out how much this program would cost, how long the money would last, how to effectively administer the program or how to pay the participating dealers in a timely way. Nor do they understand the collateral damage they did with this program to associated automotive businesses such as auto repair shops, used car dealers, etc. Hmmm….

Guantanamo Bay: On Jan. 22nd, President Obama signed an executive order to close Guantanamo Bay. On May 18th, the democrats denied President Obama’s request for $80 million to close Guantanamo Bay. “When they (the administration) have a plan, they’re welcome to come back and talk to us about it.” – House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI)

Apparently, lawmakers are concerned about what would happen to the roughly 245 current Guantanamo inmates, many considered hardened terrorists particularly which congressional districts they would land in. Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.) said the Justice Dept. was prepared earlier this month to release Guantanamo prisoners into his district — which the administration denied — and he called for a moratorium on such releases. “We need a plan. We need to know where these men will go,” Mr. Wolf said.

Eight months later we are no where close to closing the facility. Not only has the administration been unable to gain the cooperation of our allies in supporting this endeavor but we have literally had to pay other countries to take a few off our hands.

So again I ask, do you really thing that healthcare is a program that you want the government to run?

Release of the “torture memos” & Possible prosecution of CIA operatives – The candidate Barack Obama said he was interested in moving forward and saw no value in second guessing the previous administrations policies on security.

(CBS News) -”Withholding these memos would only serve to deny facts that have been in the public domain for some time,” Mr. Obama said. “This could contribute to an inaccurate accounting of the past, and fuel erroneous and inflammatory assumptions about actions taken by the United States.” (WSJ) – “The four memos from 2002 and 2005 revealed new details about the interrogations, including a detailed description of water boarding, or simulated drowning, and descriptions of lesser-known methods such as “walling” and using insects. Sections involving names of some detainees and the way techniques were applied to particular prisoners were blacked out.”

However AG Eric Holder now wants to move forward with prosecuting CIA operatives and the president suddenly has lost his nerve refusing to stop the investigation. He apparently fears a loss of support might occur among Democrat leaders who seem hell bent on pursuing this.

The President and the Justice Department needs to put a stop to this immediately. Our agents were acting on orders and in the best interest of our country. If we won’t defend them now – who will be willing to defend us in the future. By all accounts the intelligence yielded through these techniques potentially saved thousands of civilian lives

Not to mention how much this will improve our national security and relations with Muslims everywhere, as we provide them with more fuel for their hatred. This has further highlighted the arrogance of this administration because this was done over the objections of their own CIA Chief Leon Panetta and others in the U.S. intelligence community. The naiviety of this administration is frightening.

In the examples above there is one theme that repeats over and over. What Mr. Obama says and what he actually ends up doing are rarely the same. Additionally, in his eight months in office there have been many miscalculations on the size and scope of a given problem. For example, approve the stimulus bill and unemployment will be capped at 8%, even though today it is pushing 10%.  It is not only a matter of ideology – it is also a matter of trust!

And just in case you are still not convinced – Don’t forget that the house version of the healthcare bill was written with a lot of help from lobbyists and SEIU. Remember, it is a bill that most in Congress haven’t read. If you need a few more reasons, let me just say – Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Conyers and Waxman, I’ll say no more! Can we really trust these guys?

Restore the Republic, Reject the Progressive Left, their agenda and the healthcare reform bill!

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” – Mark Twain