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SNL Obama “Record of Failure”

Sometimes the truth hurts……

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UN Agenda 21 & the New World Order Pt 2

Here is a continuation of the trail from across the internet on UN Agenda 21 and the forces that seem to be driving this initiative. The UN Agenda appears to be the evolution of the principles and ideas of the Progressive and eugenics movements of the early 1900’s. The plan or plans which look remarkably similar to Agenda 21 are at the core of the agendas of several secretive elitist groups such as the Bilderbergs, the Council for Foreign Relations, The Council of Rome and The Trilateral Commission. The goal of one world government which offers the elites an unchallenged position of power through control of all resources and services on which everyone else must rely. Yes – this sounds far fetched and crazy but watch the videos, follow the threads. This thread runs through government websites across the planet.  The central themes are around; Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Global Governance, Population Control and Social Justice.  There is something going on and it starts with the weakening of the US economy, the dollar and a crisis, real or contrived that breaks the spirit of our country.

Look at these groups and pay attention to who is pulling the strings, watch the pattern develop before your eyes. Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, the rest of the Rockefeller family, the Bush family, the Clintons, Mikhail Gorbachev, John Kerry, Al Gore, the Heinz family, Madeline Albright, Robert Zoellick, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter, Donald Rumsfeld, Cyrus Vance, Vernon Jordan and other famous US/International leaders from a variety of political backgrounds. The cast is a virtual who’s who across several generations of politicians and business leaders.

If you watch these videos and follow the trail it will not be lost on you that the Rockefellers, particularily David have been the driving force behind three of the most powerful elitist groups (Bilderbergs, CFR and The Club of Rome) and a major benefactor of the UN.


From the 1950’s until 2001 there was an obscure newspaper that reported on the activities of several of these NWO groups called The Spotlight which was later driven out of business in 2001. Here is a link to many of their old articles which help bring some world events into focus even today. http://libertylobby.org/about_us.html

Other interesting links:

“A New Path for World Development”  http://www.clubofrome.org/eng/new_path/

It is clear that the present path of world development is not sustainable in the longer term, even if we recognize the enormous potentials of the market and of technological innovation. New ideas and strategies will be needed to ensure that improved living conditions and opportunities for a growing population across the world can be reconciled with the conservation of a viable climate and of the fragile ecosystems on which all life depends. A new vision and path for world development must be conceived and adopted if humanity is to surmount the challenges ahead.

In response to this intellectual and practical challenge, the Club of Rome will undertake a three year programme on “A New Path for World Development” so as to achieve a better understanding of the complex challenges which confront the modern world and to lay solid foundations for the action which must be taken to improve the prospects for peace and progress.

The Programme will not only engage decision makers and experts and provide them with feasible proposals for action but will also engage with the public through a variety of channels. It will be in part, an “open source” programme. It will undertake only a limited amount of original research, drawing on the wide array of available information and research in progress. It will be implemented in close collaboration with partner organizations, providing a framework through which their ideas and contributions can be integrated. This will increase the credibility and impact of the efforts of the Club itself.

The Programme will focus on five “clusters” of related issues within the overall conceptual framework of A New Path for World Development:

1.Environment and Resources: This cluster relates climate change, peak oil, ecosystems and water. Radical and rapid social and economic transformations will be needed to avert runaway climate change and ecological breakdown;

2. Globalisation: This cluster relates interdependence, distribution of wealth and income, demographic change, employment, trade and finance. Rising inequalities and imbalances associated with the present path of globalisation risk the breakdown of the world economic and financial systems;

3. World Development: This cluster relates sustainable development, demographic growth, poverty, environmental stress, food production, health and employment. The scandal of abiding poverty, deprivation, inequity and exclusion in a wealthy world must be corrected;

4. Social Transformation: This cluster relates social change, gender equity, values and ethics, religion and spirituality, culture, identity and behaviour. The values and behaviour on which the present path of world development is based must change if peace and progress are to be preserved within the tightening human and environmental limits;

5. Peace and Security: This cluster relates justice, democracy, governance, solidarity, security and peace. The present path of world development risks alienation, polarization, violence and conflict; the preservation of peace is vital in itself but is also a precondition for progress and for the resolution of the issues which threaten the future.

Within each of these clusters, the issues are strongly linked: thus each group constitutes a coherent and manageable field for analysis. The links between the clusters will be accounted for as the programme proceeds, within the overall integrating framework of A New Path for World Development.

The Club will convene five small high-level expert meetings successively over the three year period, 2008 – 2010, one on each of the clusters of issues identified above. Each meeting should produce a clear statement on the issues, risks and opportunities ahead with an outline of the principal strategies and measures required in response. As the Programme proceeds, the insights and knowledge gained from each meeting will provide clear perspectives of constraints and opportunities as the context for the next meeting. By recognizing such linkages, the knowledge acquired will be cumulative and will produce innovative insights as the Programme proceeds.

In relation to each cluster of issues, a private, web-based research network will be established through which the participants in the expert meetings, together with additional experts, can carry on a process of dialogue and research to develop a deeper understanding of the issues and to elaborate specific recommendations and proposals.

Each of these five clusters of issues will be the focus of a specific area of information and analysis on the Club of Rome website. As the analysis proceeds and knowledge increases, each area will accumulate research results, a strengthening data base, a deepening understanding of the issues and their complex interconnectedness and a growing number of proposals for integrated strategy and action.

Systems Integration

As work proceeds on the five clusters, a parallel effort will focus on developing a better conceptual and practical understanding of the world systems within which they are linked and embedded. This will help to understand the linkages between trends, issues and actions and to identify the drivers of global change. The Programme will in this way recognize the immense complexity of world affairs.

A dedicated research network will focus on the issue of systems integration, including systems thinking and systems linkages and systems dynamics modelling. These networks will be supported by the Secretariat and accessed through the Club’s website.

In late 2010 it is planned that the concluding “International Forum of the Club of Rome” will be held to integrate the final outputs of the expert meetings, of the research networks and of the related activities by all the elements of the Club and its partner organizations, leading to coherent conclusions and recommendations and to a major Final Report. – Source The Club of Rome website


One last challenge put the name of your state and the words “Sustainable Development” in to your web browser and see what comes up.

We need to find out how deep we are in this process and put the brakes on. We must regain control of our government and our national destiny. UN Agenda 21 is real.