Rep. Mike Rogers on Healthcare Reform

Watch this video – it’s good to know all common sense is not dead.

From the web site of Congressman Mike Rogers:

Rogers Introduces American Health Care Solutions Act

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, MI-08, has introduced health care reform legislation that addresses the goals President Barack Obama outlined in his September joint session speech to Congress.

Rogers’ measure includes solutions developed by both Republicans and Democrats.  The American Health Care Solutions Act is a compilation of “ideas and reforms we can agree on,” he said, pointing out that his measure prevents insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, and prohibits dropping coverage on individuals who become sick.

“More than any other issue in our nation today, the question of fixing what is wrong with America’s health care system is of personal interest to every American,” said Rogers, who serves on the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. “One thing that millions of Americans across the nation have made clear is their belief that government-run health care is not the solution for their concerns.

“There are better solutions for Americans who do not have health care; and there are choices that will not destroy the health care that 85 percent of Americans already have to meet their needs.”

In addition to preventing denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions and stopping cancelation of coverage for becoming sick, other solutions included in the legislation would:

·        Expand federal block grants for state high-risk pools that accept all patients

·        Create association and small business health plans

·        Allow families to purchase insurance across state lines

·        Enact comprehensive medical liability reform

·        Expand and improve Health Savings Accounts

·        Allow employers to offer discounts for healthy behavior through wellness and prevention programs

·        Strengthen penalties for Medicare and Medicaid fraud

·        Expand funding for federal anti-fraud monitoring

·        Establish “transparency portals” in each state to provide families more information about health plans and providers

 The American Health Care Solutions Act, H.R. 3713, has been referred to several different committees including the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

One response to “Rep. Mike Rogers on Healthcare Reform

  1. THANK YOU for posting this!! I’m really trying to get the word out about this bill and was delighted to read your blog!

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