What the Dems really want to say about Health Care

Yesterday I posted the video of Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan explaining the travesty of the proposed health care bills. Today, I am posting a video of Robert Reich, former  Secretary of Labor and regular lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley explaining what an honest presidential candidate would say regarding healthcare reform. Sounds like he and Rep. Grayson from FL need to get on the same page.

Plus I am including a video where MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty explains a better approach to healthcare reform.. Watch the videos, they say more than I could possibly write to try to explain the reality about the lie that is healthcare reform.

We need to stop these bills in their tracks! It is time to start over with a common sense approach to reform. Rather than one massive bill that nobody understands – let’s try several smaller bills that address individual elements of reform. Accept NO TROJAN HORSES! Call or write your representatives today and tell them to VOTE NO to all pending bills and go back to the drawing board.

Restore the Republic, Reject Socialized Medicine Now!

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