Another Obama Commie – Mfg Czar Ron Bloom

Obama Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom also agrees with Mao and thinks Free Market is Nonsense!

The White House vetting process continues to work perfectly as another commie makes the grade! If this Mr Bloom believes that free markets are a joke – Nonsense as proclaims and power comes from the end of a gun – Where do you think we are headed?

Wake up America – the army of  White House commies is growing!

Restore the Republic, Revolt against Communism!

2 responses to “Another Obama Commie – Mfg Czar Ron Bloom

  1. If we can avert all out nuclear war, communist slavery by continuous nanny slavery is better.
    Just remember, opression is not something to promote, would you promote violence when no imminent danger exists, well then dont promote opression- (violences eternal father). Opression creeds last like nuke poison from generation to generation, you must limit such IRS type nonsense to temporary only then banned also for a time, OK? Listen to Glenn Beck occasionally.

  2. Promoting all out communism by American leaders foreshadows dark climate change ahead. We can simplify all systems: (Like tax complexity, courts of lies without truth science like polygraph, preventing smog as business?). Or just roll into the change unprepared and have countless starving angry citizens.

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