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Rev Wright is so Wrong!

So if you have any doubts left about President Obama and his radical friends – this should remove any that remain.

Below is a video of Wright speaking to an audience at The Monthly Review sixtieth anniversary celebration held by the New York Society for Ethical Culture on September 17, 2009. At the event Dr. Wright set the tone, by declaring that: “Militarism, capitalism and racism, domestic oppression, foreign military aggression, victims of neo-colonialism, victims of community and national racism, and the Cold War days in its infancy to the needless war in Vietnam in its [MR’s] second decade, through wars of greed in Afghanistan and Iraq in [its] sixth decade” were all incisively covered by the magazine. Wright said Monthly Review’s indefatigable insistence on the need to put “people before profits,” and praised its’ unflinching criticisms of inequality, injustice, and the realities of capitalism.

What is Monthly Review? An Independent Socialist Magazine – Monthly Review speaks to workers, labor organizers, activists, and academics. A scholarly, accessible critique of capitalism, edited by John Bellamy Foster. From their website; “In May 1949 Monthly Review began publication in New York City, as cold war hysteria gathered force in the United States. … From the first Monthly Review spoke for socialism and against U.S. imperialism, and is still doing so today. From the first Monthly Review was independent of any political organization, and is still so today. … In the subsequent global upsurge against capitalism, imperialism and the commodification of life (in shorthand “1968”) Monthly Review played a global role. A generation of activists received no small part of their education as subscribers to the magazine and readers of Monthly Review Press books”. The magazine features the writings of such notable communists such as Frances Fox Piven, Robert McChesney and Bernadine Dorhn.

As it so often is the truth is very simple. Listen to Dr. Wright describe his feelings bout Marxism, Socialism and Communism – these are things he believes in. He has believed in them for along time. Obama has acknowledged tht Wright was a mentor. Wright married him and Michelle. Wright was their pastor for twenty years. Obama can not clim he did not know who Wright really was, to do so is at a minimum disingenuous or worse a straight up lie.

There has emerged a very clear pattern that this president enjoys the company of Marxists, Socilists and Communists. He has filled the West Wing and surrounded himself with them. Watch these videos and listen as Dr. Wright praises the very forms of government that we have fought to avoid since our national conception 233 years ago.

This is who Barack Obama and his advisers are – communists that want to “fundamentally transform America”. Wake up America! The threat is real…

Restore the Republic, Reject Communism!