Daily Archives: November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving… Thoughts For A Nation

As the uncertainty of the world and our national government are seemingly spinning out of our control, we should take this day to be reminded that no matter how frustrated we may feel – We still live in America! We are still the most blessed country on earth. We have the highest standard of living and more individual freedoms than any other country on the planet despite all our recent setbacks.

This Thanksgiving, our country faces many game changing decisions. These decisions will affect future generations of Americans and could “fundamentally transform America” in ways we have never really considered. At this pivotal time in our history we should take a moment and reflect on what made America the place that draws freedom seeking people to its’ shores from all around the world.

As a citizen of the world we have been a good and giving nation. Can we be a better citizen of the world? Of course, so can every other country on the planet. However, to do that does not require that we throw our heritage and sovereignty out the window. So what can we do differently?

It is time for a change! We must find a way to return to our core national values. We need to restore a feeling of pride in America, a feeling of a national community, the desire to help your fellow citizens. Doing the right thing does not mean establishing an enormous federal government to provide nanny state oversight so that everything is equal among the citizens. Doing the right thing is creating an environment that fosters opportunity, charity and community.

Don’t take our way of life for granted. Give thanks for your blessings.  Pray for those who serve our country. Pray for our leaders, that they receive God’s guidance and wisdom. Pray for those on hard times.  Be accountable for yourself and your family. Treat your fellow citizens with the same dignity you want to be treated with. Lend a helping hand where ever you can.

 As I said earlier, we are at a turning point. The choice is ours. We will swim or sink together. I wish for all a better 2010. Thanks to God for all he has blessed our nation with and may he continue to bless America.