Obama by the numbers …Americans are fed up!

New data from Rasmussen Reports indicates the mood among voters is increasingly turning to anger.

According to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports, seventy-one percent (71%) of all voters nationwide say they’re at least “Somewhat Angry” about the current policies of the federal government. This is a 5% increase since September. Forty –six percent (46%) of this total are “Very Angry”, which is a 10% increase in this category since September. Of the remaining twenty-nine percent (29%), twenty-seven (27%) are “Not Angry” and of that group, ten percent (10%) are “Not Angry at All”. Two percent are apparently are asleep or stoned and have “No Opinion” at all. Someone should check them for a pulse.

Additional data shows that men are angrier than women. Also voters over 40 are more upset than voters under 30. Of those over 40, the majority are “Very Angry”. Of those under-30 voters only 25% are “Very Angry”.

On Healthcare:

Another Rasmussen survey finds that 41% of voters support the health care reform plan before Congress while 53% are opposed to it. Those figures include 22% who “Strongly Favor” the plan versus 40% who are “Strongly Opposed” to it.

Presidential Job Performance:

On Obama’s job performance RR found that 47% of voters approve of his performance while 52% disapprove. These figures include 28% which “Strongly Approve” versus 41% which “Strongly Disapprove” resulting in a current performance index of -13.

Is the tide turning? Maybe but the game is still in the first quarter. Keep turning up the heat and demanding the transparency and accountability we were promised.

Restore the Republic, Reject Socialism!

One response to “Obama by the numbers …Americans are fed up!

  1. All this academic left stuff is souring the public “bight of Obama”. Too many eggheads as advisors! http://bit.ly/7NghiK

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