Gov. Perry calls for U.S. Governors to defend States’ Rights

On December 23rd, Governor Rick Perry of Texas communicated to other state governors the position of his state on the health care reform being slammed through Congress and announced his plans to address it; he wrote:

“Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is joining with several other state attorneys general to place this deal under proper scrutiny, to determine if such an exclusion is unconstitutional. His office, along with mine, will continue to explore all options available to us as we attempt to minimize the damages that can be caused to Texans by this ill-advised piece of legislation.” …

“As the chief executive officers of our individual sovereign states, we must stand up to this unprecedented intrusion in to our lives and the rights of our citizens. We must demonstrate resolve in the face of this infringement.” …

“This health care bill and its’ unfunded mandates are unhealthy to taxpayers, our economy and our democracy. I urge you to support the efforts of these attorneys general and ask your own to join it, and to work with me in ongoing efforts to assert the constitutional rights of states, s guaranteed under the 10th Amendment, to turn back the “one-size-fits-all” health care bill being forced through Congress. Together we can forge a powerful effort to ensure real health care reform without having the states left holding the budgetary bag for Congress yet again.”

In September, in a separate letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, Perry had written:

“Instead of government mandates and more deficit spending, successful health care reforms can be achieved only by providing states the flexibility to develop state-specific solutions. I urge you to support our right, as a state, to further explore these approaches, rather than forcing us to implement federal mandates that promise financial hardships for the states and little in the way of benefits for our economy and all of our constituents.”

Not surprisingly this request fell on deaf ears. So now the issue for Texas and other states is the constitutionality of a compromise in the pending federal health care legislation exempting the state of Nebraska, to gain Sen. Ben Nelson’s vote, from increased Medicaid costs resulting from the bill’s passage. There are also other “bribery for support deals” which resulted in exemptions or funding for other states. These “bribery for support” deals will ultimately result in Texas and most other states paying even more to effectively subsidize expanded Medicaid. Meanwhile, Nebraska and the other selected states, that received special considerations on issues like rural health care and Medicare Advantage, in exchange for their votes, get a free ride. Not only should this be unconstitutional, it should be criminal! It is unbelievable that in America legislators are bribing each other with our money.

In Texas alone, this health care bill will drive up costs by $21 billion over the next 10 years and add an estimated 2 million more people the state’s Medicaid rolls. The governor also emphasized that this bill will impose unprecedented intrusion in to the lives and the rights of citizens by mandating that every American purchase health care coverage or face penalties.

To view the governor’s letter in its’ entirety, please visit:

This letter should serve as a call to action for all opposed to this bill. Use this as a template to send a message to your state’s Governor and Attorney General. Ask them to stand up for the 10th Amendment and your rights as a citizen of your state.

There are areas of health care that need reform and if the administration were serious about real reform they would break the reform down into smaller more focused pieces of legislation. There are significant opportunities such as tort reform, a clean up of Medicare fraud and allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines to name a few.

Wake up America! We must stop the passage of health care reform in its’ current form. It is a Trojan horse. It creates the foundation required to socialize medicine. Socialized medicine creates greater government control and is an infringement on your rights. Make your voice heard before it’s too late.

“With respect to the two words ‘general welfare,’ I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators.” — James Madison

15 responses to “Gov. Perry calls for U.S. Governors to defend States’ Rights

  1. Oorah for Gov. Perry. I’m in the process of moving to Texas to stand up for America & our Constitution with him!

  2. I’m with Marc.

  3. Bobbie

    We, The people, are getting our rights taken away from us. So many people have their head in the sand and don’t want to think about what is going on in Washington. This is very frightening to me. Come on Tea Party party… I’m behind you

  4. I’m a texan and I don’t like Perry… hmmm. Must be an election year.

    He’s a real fkn bastard in my opinion for a number of reasons, like selling the state out via toll roads… well. It’s not important to name them all, but at least HE HAS HIS HEAD OUT of his A$$ on this issue and is exactly right by saying what he has said.

    • I wasn’t a fan of the toll road idea either. I grew up in Texas and I still have a lot of family there. That said I think most of what Gov. Perry has done has been good. He has been a real leader on the issue of states rights over the past year and a half. Fortunately there are a lot of good legislators in the Texas State House and representing you in Congress – State Sen. Robert Nichols (State Dist 3), U.S. Sen. John Cornyn and Congressman Jeb Hensarling (5th Congressional District) to name a few. Be glad you don’t live in the land of midwest liberals! By the way – I’d take Rick Perry over Kay Bailey Hutchinson any day.

    • You can’t just say “I’m a Texan and blah blah blah” then expect people to think that you represent the majority of Texans because guess what, I AM A TEXAN AND I LOVE GOVERNOR PERRY! He is going to be re-elected.

  5. Terrance Traylor

    I agree with and support wholehearted with Governor Rick Perry of Texas on this issue.

  6. Terrance Traylor

    I forwarded this request to Governor Jan Brewer and Attorney General Terry Goddard of Arizona.

  7. I am definitely no fan of Bilderberger unAmerican scum Rick Perry. Having observed his machinations regarding the unConsitutional, Agenda 21/Sustainable Development public/private toll roads, it is clear that he is a property of big internationalists. His owners not only do not care a bit about states rights and Texas sovereignty, they are working to destroy USA national sovereignty. So, though Mr. Perry appears to be saying the right thing this time in regard to the hideous health care bill, I know his owner/operators are and he is just following his script to further flim-flam Texans.

    Speaking to the Texas Hospital Association Leadership Conference about the nursing shortage, Governor Rick Perry said,
    “I’m telling you all — I’m like, telling Moses about the flood here.”

  8. 100% a fan of Rick Perry. Kay Bailey Hutchison needs to stop wasting her time.

  9. KBH is a RINO! Voted for the Americorps (BO’s young militants to appear at your doorstep soon) and is supporting even MORE spending on toll roads, which she criticizes Perry for. I’ll take Rick any day! Perhaps he’s owned, but not by George Soros, thank God! I do believe he’s for Texas’ sovereignty.

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  11. The WHO, CDC, FDA, Big Agra Biz, Big Pharma, and all the others that are part of the elite have no intentions of lending guidance unless there is a huge profit. That is why they have chosen poisons for profits. The people of the world need to wake up and realize if each person does not do all that they can to build up there immune system naturedly by eating a healthy diet and making sure the water they drink is pure they may unknowingly fall into the devouring jaws of the all consuming elite. For my family I do my best in these areas and then I go one step further to insure my body is releasing optimally as many Adult Stem Cells as possible. We take a product that helps our bodies produce more Adult Stem Cells that can travel to the area of need. Here is a video that will show you the science. Check it out

  12. Yahoo Perry, the Gov council will be N Liberal and will be usefull idiots for Zero’s goal of being the Royal Ass of Am. Let us dust off the contract for joining the Union and exercise our right of dissolution (forced signatures to end occupation are void and without merit). 1st Texas should establish its own currency and Militia. There is no reason Texan’s should pay for NE or CA screwups. In NH the flood of MA residents to avoid MA taxes have dragged their liberal ideas with them and the “new” Gov Leach has bankrupted the State. (only behind CA in debt)
    Time for all good men to throw off the yoke of the Fed Gov failed enterprizes.

  13. Rick Perry has been owned by the International Monetary/Banking Cartel long before he became Texas governor. It was clear they had handed him his agenda “to-do” list and set about immediately selling off Texas roads and other infrastructure to the international banksters. For heavens sake, look at what has happened to property tax levies over the last 10 years in Texas! I will watch Perry in the TV debate on 1-29 and I enjoy seeing his woefully poor performance.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not think Kay Bailout Hutchison is much different. She would be equally bad for Texas sovereignty because she is basically owned by the same puppet masters as Perry.

    I will vote in the Republican primary on March 2 for Debra Medina. She could win and if true Texans care about their wallets, their dinner tables, and their livlihoods, they had better get out and vote for her on March 2. If there is a run-off between Perry and Hutchison, I will swallow hard and get out and vote for Hutchison. We MUST get Rick Perry totally out of Texas politics, and preferably physically out of Texas. He has been our once great state’s utter ruination. In the general election, I will vote for Debra Medina or I will vote for the Democrat candidate or I may abstain from voting in that race.

    God bless Texas !

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