Will 2010 be the dawning of Socialism in America?

In 1948 while campaigning for president, Norman Thomas of the Socialist Party of America said “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

In November of 2008, America elected Barack Obama as its’ 44th President. Since his election President Obama has repeatedly promised to “fundamentally transform America”. The question is – into what?

Will 2010 be the dawn of Socialism in America? Will we be “transformed” from a free country where individuals can write their own ticket through hard work and entrepreneurialism to a “big brother nanny state”? American leadership was built through capitalism which rewards leadership, hard work, innovation and risk taking. A government run economy is incapable of fostering this type of environment.

There are red flags everywhere. Americans should fear the fact that the government is suddenly buying into failing businesses with money they don’t even have. They are printing money, loaning it to themselves and using it to buy failing businesses. You don’t have to have a degree in economics to figure out this is flawed thinking. Look further and it gets worse; the “businesses” they currently run are a wreck – the USPS (lost over a billion in 2009), Freddie Mac, Fannie Mac, Medicare and Social Security (all are insolvent). Plus there is the disastrous first rescue bill and the fact that nobody can tell us where the money really went. Where are all the shovel ready, job creating projects? Turns out politicians are more interested in votes than results.

So what has happened to create this possibility? In 2009 we saw the single largest expansion of the federal government in American history. Worse yet, this expansion was not single pronged. There was expansion on multiple fronts. Here are some examples:

1. The government bailed out and took over many financial institutions. Shortly after that the Treasury secured unprecedented new powers from Congress to “protect the national economy from companies whose collapse could jeopardize it.” Now until the T.A.R.P. funds are paid back many institutions find themselves at the mercy of government regulators and the Treasury Dept. Included in their new powers are the power to seize control of institutions, set executive compensation, take over their bad loans, and other illiquid assets and sell good ones to competitors. What is worse is that many of these powers extend to companies that may get in trouble in the future or companies that in the government’s opinion could weaken the U.S. economy based on their fiscal soundness.

2. The government has intervened in the economy in ways never before seen. The massive stimulus bill was supposed to jump start job creation and the credit markets, neither has happened. However the government is creating jobs at a record pace. This is not a long term solution because the government consumes wealth – it does not create it. The more government jobs that are created the more tax revenue is needed to fund them. Also there have been dumb programs such as “Cash for Clunkers” and “Cash for Caulkers” that provide no real sustainable economic recovery but create “good will giveaways” to build loyalty among the democrat faithful.

“A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” George Bernard Shaw

3. The government has taken over both Chrysler and GM, along the way firing key executives and replacing them with government pawns. The automotive takeover has been a windfall for their union supporters in terms of both money and power.

4. The foreign policy and approach to national security of this administration have weakened our homeland defense as well as our international stature. Obama does not subscribe to the idea of “American exceptionalism.” Given the opportunity, he would willing sign on to all types international and U.N. treaties that will erode U.S sovereignty.

5. This administration has an unprecedented number of “czars” and advisors each assigned to work on specific areas of “transformation”. As White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel likes to say’ “Never let a crisis go to waste.” This administration is using legislation, regulation and manipulation to shape their transformational policies. For example the declaration of “greenhouse gases” as harmful to humans is regulation designed to manipulate the Congress into action on climate change legislation. This group of czars and advisors is made up of many scary left wing radicals such as John Holdren, Cass Sunstein, Kevin Jennings, Ron Bloom, Carol Browner, Mark Lloyd, Cameron Davis, Daniel Fried, Joshua DuBois and David J. Hayes. If you do not know who these people are you owe it to yourself to research them. They are advising your president.

6. The policy agenda of the Obama administration is rooted in social programs that expand the government and its’ control. This has fueled out of control spending. We have tripled the debt in Obama’s first year. Health care reform would give the government the opportunity to control 17% of the U.S. economy. New climate change legislation will give them more control of energy and industry. Net Neutrality and a revived version of the Fairness Doctrine will give them greater control of the internet and the airwaves. Programs such as the Wildlands Network or the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force are designed to give the federal government greater control of land/water resources and their uses. All of this while pushing the country to edge of bankruptcy.

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” Thomas Jefferson

So to summarize, the current administration plans to “fundamentally transform America”. They have an ambitious agenda and they are moving at warp speed to get this accomplished while they control the both houses of Congress. 2010 will give us a mid term election to change the Congress but we have to get there without allowing them to pass more of their agenda items. The health care reform debate is solid evidence this is not about us or what we want. Even though there is clear public sentiment against this bill the administration is willing to try to jam it down our throats at any cost.

The free markets have been working for years. Companies rise and fall. Some declare bankruptcy and find their way back (see most of the airline industry) others don‘t. Why is this time any different? The only thing that has caused this time to be different is more government involvement and intervention! Involvement with Freddie/Fannie to push home ownership to those who really couldn’t afford it. Intervention over and over by the Fed manipulating interest rates to avoid allowing the bubble to burst which helped fuel credit spending and create false prosperity. Most advocates of free market economics/capitalism believe that this continuous manipulation and intervention by the government deepened the downturn in our economy. We can not spend our way out of this.

Here is what the President and most of the Congress doesn’t seem to get — they live in America. We are not a socialist country. This country was built on a system of free market capitalism. The government should not be seizing companies and taking them over. The government does not have unlimited powers to control healthcare, energy, private property, etc. We have a constitution that was designed to protect us from an out of control federal government. We need to use it. It is the time for real change – it is time to take back the country from the politicians and return control to regular people with common sense.

“Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of “crackpot” than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost.” – Thomas J. Watson

We need to get involved and send a message to our elected representatives that they work for us. If they won’t do the right things for our country they can and will be fired.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned — this is the sum of good government.”

So America, it is time to ask, how much control should the government have? This is not what the founding fathers had in mind. The government we see evolving before us is not part of any of the blue prints they left us!

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson

Wake up America! Restore the Republic, Reject Socialism!

49 responses to “Will 2010 be the dawning of Socialism in America?

  1. Texans for America First

    A timely warning! “Global warming” is being trumpeted, in spite of the frigid temps all over our country. The “tax & spend” agreements are around the corner. And the “health care reform” is almost a done deal. Any one of these can, and surely will, destroy our way of life. We must wake up and get rid of these fascist politicians before it is too late. Tea Party members, unite and stand up now!!!

  2. Life is a learning experience! Everything eventually will turn to it’s opposite. “Ignorance” will eventually become “enlightenment.” You cannot stop progress. “Competition” must eventually become “cooperation.” …It’s “DIALECTICAL!” …”Dogma” and “Superstition” will be replaced by the “Scientific Method!”.. “Subjective believing” will be replaced by “Objective knowing!” …The future is a freight train and those that stand in it’s way will be run over and crushed and buried inside the trash can of the no longer relevant past.
    Capitalism will turn to Socialism and Socialism will turn to Communism and the ignorant will never know what hit them and buried them.
    You cannot stop the forward movement of history!
    Wars will end when “Nation States” are transformed into a cooperative “global village” that is ruled from the bottom up, rather then from the top down!

    • Here is the problem with your comment – Socialism and Communism takes us further from government from the bottom up not closer to it. There was no bottom up governing going on in Lenin’s Russia or Mao’s China. There was only oppression. In a system of “global governance there will be a ruling elite and everyone else will be the modern equivalent of serfs. Imperfect as it is I’ll take democracy any day, then we at least have a vote. By the way, real democracy is supposed to be government from the bottom up!

    • Here is the second serious problem with your comment; it’s a corrupting lie.

      Ignorance never simply becomes enlightenment without action. Your toxic point of view requires no action on your part. Betterment is simply inevitable. Bull.

      Governance from the bottom up requires too much work for people who are simply waiting for an idyllic future to be delivered to their doorstep.

      (Additionally, I think you’ll find that “dogma” and “scientific method” as each of the concepts are too often applied are tantamount to the same thing.)

      • Dave Johannes

        First, off what makes you think that those of us who believe as I do, aren’t taking action. Second, I feel the way I do because I have worked my ass off for the past 32 years and I do not feel at all obliged to allow a bloated government to try to deliver “an idyllic future” to the doorsteps of all those who haven’t. I am enlightened enough to know that “big government programs” and “nanny state oversight” won’t solve a damn thing. Don’t under estimate the American people with the elitist perspective that we are too stupid to understand government, if you do you will be sorry. Also I am sick of paying taxes so that others can freeload and government officials can line their pockets. When America was great, people worked and believed that self reliance was an attribute to aspire to. Communities and families took care of their own. America up until about 1988 had been a model of opportunity and properity. We hit bumps along the way but we pulled together and worked through them. Communism, socialism, marxism or facism on the other hand have been an abject failure everytime it was tried. Wake up and smell the coffee…. Restore the American Dream and the country will grow stronger. “The Democrats say that the United States has had its days in the sun, that our nation has passed its zenith. They expect you to tell your children that the American people no longer have the will to cope with their problems, that the future will be one of sacrifice and few opportunities. My fellow citizens, I utterly reject that view.” — Ronald Reagan

  3. Us Americans who have woken up need to wake up 1000’s upon 1000’s more Americans and make a big noise.

    Washington needs to KNOW that “We will not go quietly into the night!”

  4. Socialism is not America’s biggest concern unless we are referring to Corporate Socialism, where the function of government is nothing more than ensuring public monies find a way into Corporate profit margins.

    America has become a Corporate Plutocracy; a Fascist, rightist phenomenon.

    Corporations do not answer to “We the People”, only to their Share holders.

    Government that defaults to Corporate interests supports merely a Corporate State, where citizens are but pawns.

    • You are right the government has recently become a large investor in public corporations. Ironically, while Bush and the Republicans helped with TARP, the biggest corporate welfare in US history was the work of the progressives. While “We the people” may have be against this bailout, the progressives did not care – this was a power grab plain and simple. Both parties are corrupt. “We the people” need to take back our country. No more corporate welfare or social entitlement programs. Our country was founded on the principles of hard work and self reliance; with families and communities taking care of their own. The government should not interfere in or become entangled in corporations and corporations only owe the government a fair and modest tax. They do not answer to “We the people” they answer to their shareholders. If the federal government went back to its’ appropriate role and the states re asserted theirs we could clean up this mess in short order. We can restore our republic by returning the federal government to its’ proper role – which is much smaller and less intrusive. The blue print for this is the Constitution!

    • Correct and that’s where it’s at now.

  5. I want to know where you guys were when the Republican administration was spending us into the ground, shredding our Constitutional rights, and deregulating big business? Things are so bad for the average American that socialism is starting to look good to me. At least the worker drones–those who still have jobs–get to have a real say in their lives.

    That said, I agree both parties are now so corrupt they are unwilling and unable to solve our problems. However, we need social programs to keep people alive. Instead cut the military budget, close the 700 bases around the world, bring back the National Guard, stop wasting billions on armament that doesn’t work, and find the $2 trillion the Pentagon “misplaced.”

  6. Patriot Act Tarp Bush did no favors for Liberty in this country and socialism is not the issue is it?

    Fascism and corporatism seem where WE ARE… not headed. Like the “Bomber Body Scanner” violation of the 4th amendment.

    Sorry, but we live in a police state and socialism is a distraction. Look at the Cabinet for the past Presidencies… Wall Street and Central Banks… Fascist Banking Cartel.

    • I agree Bush made his share of mistakes and most of the Republicans are as bad as the Democrats. That said we are now beginning to fully institutionalize Socialism. Americans need to wake up! You can’t have it both ways – you either want freedom, liberty and national sovereignty or you want a “nanny state” run by crooked politicians and the global elite (which control the corporations) who will determine your standard of living and quality of life. The road we are on will lead to the modern equivalient of serfdom which will replace the middle class. While your observations are harsher than mine I agree with the jist of what you’re saying. My question to you is – what are you going to do about it? This fight isn’t lost yet.

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  8. Mr. Johannes,

    It was great encouraging to read this and see that other people share my opinion. You are right on with what you said and it is time for us to stand up and protect our freedom. I am a college student writing a paper about socialism and if there is any further information about this issue, I would love to hear it.

    As a young girl I never payed attention to politics and had no clue what was going on. Now that I am a woman I am wanting more information to back up my opinions. I want to educate myself in order to stand up for my beliefs and have the facts to back them up.

    Thank you for who you are and what you are doing. May God bless you and bless America!
    Let FREEDOM ring!!!

  9. It’s like K.M. said, our government exists for the interests of big businesses. How did this happen? In the last third of the 20th century, sothern conservatives turned America into the traditional south- a low wage earning society with weak parties, weak unions, and a political culture based on appeals to racial and ethnic anxiety, the religious right, and militaristic patriotism. So how do we undermine the new elite?

    • Are you really quoting Karl Marx as the oracle of wisdom for government based on being a free Republic? Capitalism, the Constitution and a free society is what made us gret – and it can again! We don’t need to undermine the elite we need to throw them out of office in the next election. We need to restore American values and elect leaders that believe in them. We need to elect leaders who will uphold the Constitution and reduce the size of the federal government. Only then will things get better.

  10. These are all very good comments and each one has some strong points.
    It does seem to be that our system of governance is corrupt and failing, and we as a nation of people are impelled to join together and create a solution.
    Beyond the tenets of Capitalism vs. Socialism. I believe that most, if not all of our problems stem from one element which we seem to not take into consideration; which is Debt creation.

    Debt is an artificial creation which works against us every single day. It fosters competition i.e dog eat dog mentality, rather then cooperation.
    Money is created out of scarcity, and transfers wealth from the working class, you, to the non- producers, bankers.

    Research this aspect and you will see everything is a smoke screen to keep you from knowing how this system is the virus which eats at society.
    By ending this debt creation and allowing congress to exercise their right to coin and print their own currency is the first step to real freedom.
    Read this short article:


    and then go to google videos and watch
    “The money masters”


  11. I certainly hope that this is the dawn of socialism in America. I’m an American socialist, and I am proud of it.

  12. Mr. Johannes,

    Thank you very much for voicing your opinions as such. I am writing a paper on socialism for school and your page has helped tremendously. It is greatly encouraging to know that there are still those who believe in what is good and right. I believe that is people like you that our Founding Fathers would be proud of. God bless you, and God bless America!!!

  13. thank you for writing and stating the right facts your blogged helped me with my paper on socialism and i came to reliaze what day in age we live and its terrible

  14. Thank you for your great article

  15. America got much of its wealth and power off the blood of other countries and off the backs of slaves. In the last few decades the American government became the very tyrants the founders of America sought to escape. When you speak of freedom you only speak of the top echelon and even then it is a fictional freedom. I am assuming few of you pro-capitalist sympathisers and parasites have spent much time amongst the majority working class who make up the backbone of the country yet share in only 5% of its wealth or have seen the poverty both Americans and the Europeans before you have placed upon the rest of the world so that a few can get rich.

    • Dave Johannes

      Your comments are arrogant and use sterotyping as the basis of your argument. This is typical behavior on the left. I started out as a machine operator in a factory, did not finish college but yet through hard work I am V.P. of Operations at the company I work for. I did and still do spend time with the bluecollar workers at my company. I represent the type of success America offers those who are willing to work and earn their way. Everyone that is successful in this country does not do it at someone else’s expense.

  16. Furthermore China is not a communist country anymore and has enthusiastically adopted the capitalist model. The gap between rich and poor gets greater every day. Mao like most Communist leaders became corrupt and I do not support an authoritarian socialism but rather a democratic socialism. Time will tell whether Venezuela succeeds but it is a good model and Chavez at least looks after the bulk of the people. The problem is socialism has already been demonised to a point that people do not understand what it is. Like every other political system people are currupted but surely it is better than the exploitation that ultra-capitalism guarantees.

    • Dave Johannes

      Democratic Socialism is an oxy moron. It is a failed concept but I think you should consider moving to Chavez’s Venezuela and see how like losing your freedom to speak out even when you are WRONG!

      • You sound so arrogant, as you tell others thier arrogance, what makes you some kind of authority? Because you have a job? Because its works for YOU? Most likely, typical American and your probably Christian, also right?
        Even more ignorant

      • You are right – I am Christian, I have a job, I pay my taxes and I have a right to my opinion. My opinion is Socialism SUCKS. I have no judgement about who you are, if you work or what your religion is – but if you want socialism I hope you will leave my country for a place that is more to your liking because I love America and hope it remains a democratic republic. I don’t think you are ignorant as you have a right to your views, that said I think the way you have chose to express them here is sad as you have offered no reason as to why you disagree. Instead you resort to name calling and personal attacks – SAD.

  17. thru profit driven motives we will see brothers turn against brothers, we will see wars waged on profitable resources, we will see corruption and lies by those in charge of the general welfare of the public , whenever i ask someone what they would love to do they calmly describe their dream job and then state they know they would not get rich from it, so then i ask why live under a capitalistic society where you will never get the carrot? would you not rather partake in a society that is genuine to promote the well-being of everyone to actually help achieve your goals and dreams? you Johannes are mistaken, a democratic socialist society can function.

    • Dave Johannes

      Thank you for your idealistic and naive point of view. Capitalism and charitable behavior are not mutually exclusive activities. In fact some of the greatest philanthropists are also some of the greatest capitalists. In the end the manners and behavior of a society is mostly the result of the morals and values of the society. America is a Republic that was built on Christian principles. As John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” We don’t need to become a socialist country and have the government dictate equity- we need to return to our founding principles which include God and morality. Moral society will take care of its own. By the way – history says you are wrong about socialism because it always turns corrupt and there is no trigger to correct except revolution.

      • Freedomequality

        you are a v.p. of a company? It is no wonder that you are so pro-capitolist, against social services (which we would need much less of if the gap between the rich and poor wasn’t so large), and playing the Christian morality card. Pres. R. R. already had his chance and all he did was create ignorant patriotism blindly in favor of corp. interest which has impovershed the American laborer and helped to turn developing countries into slave labor for the Corp. Machine.

        Philanthropist cannot do anything to help with the true and dire needs of the precious people of the country and world. Morals and values are used by the gov. for attaining political agendas and this is not a Christian nation. America is founded upon a pop. of immigrants, each religion that is brought over will be accepted. Separation of church and state, remember?
        The problem we have in America and around the globe is the complete failure of the free-market, neo-liberal capitolist system. America makes up 5% of the world pop. but consumes 30% of world resoures. What is china and India and south America did this too? They can’t because it is mathmatically impossible to sustain. We as a people need to see the intrinsic value in sustainable local business practices and do away with the imperical impovershment of the worlds nations and natural resources. Get the greedy oil tycoons out of gov. and bust up these trans-nation corporations so that America can start over and do some good things in this world. No where in the declaration of independace or constitution dies it say we are a capitolist nation. We are a demacracy based on liberty and equailty. Equality has been forgotten due to over emphasis on free trade(speaking of morality, it is wrong to take the power from the people and place it in the interest of bbig business). Socialism? We are a democracy and we can use socialist ideas to help bring our country out from under this bottom-dollar capitolist corruption/impovershment. The current system has failed, we are headed for global crisis if we do not make the right changes. Philanthropy and the free market system are failures. No question about it.

      • Dave Johannes

        Is this what they teach you in school? You need to talk to people outside the fantasy land that is now called higher education. Maybe spend time with older Americans and business people that understand what it means to work and pay taxes. Also we are a democratic republic maybe you should find out what that means. Also the system works just fine when the government stays out and doesn’t try to become a social services agency. Ever since the Progressives start pushing that in the early 1900’s we had nothing but trouble

  18. Actually there is nothing in socialism that suggests it needs to be autocratic. Australia has been largely socialist in many ways and has had free and universal helathcare and didn’t crash and burn with America and Europe in the recent crisis.

    In Venezuela Chavez does not suppress those who oppose him and he was popularly elected.

    Sure you yourself and many like you rose from the working class but America as a country consumes far more than its share as does many. I am not an out-and-out leftist that follows a Marxist frame in everything I do. I take more of a Kropotkin view of the world and belief in mutual aid. I have nothing against you personally nor small capitalism where someone makes a profit by providing a service. I am against corporate capitalism and American corporate imperialism and I am against trying to bring the entire world under such an ideology. The worst thing the west ever did was introduce the concept of money to self-sufficient cultures. The extreme poverty we see today is largely due to extreme capitalism. On the other end of the spectum extreme socialism has terrible results but people like you should not be so narrow-minded. What the hell is wrong with free healthcare for all?

  19. As for religion. The American forefathers were not religous but secular and the constitution protects people from religion as opposed to protecting religion. I am not religious myself but am not going to damn religion completely because there are good points to be taken from it but religion has put a great many innocent people to death as has extreme forms of socialism. Religion should not even be mentioned here, the focus should be on the pros and cons of capitalism and socialism.

  20. Your work is very good I posted one of your pieces in our Tea Party Section in full I hope you don’t mind I didn’t see any copyright and I wanted to bring attention to that issue and your blog! We welcome and invite you to post at our site we are a new rapidly growing people powered news organization. I hope to see you posting.

    • Dave Johannes

      Thanks – keep spreading the word! If your site has a blog roll feel free to add me and I’ll do the same for you.

  21. movetotheright

    I’m afraid that the Obama regime has done their homework and the Progressives and Liberals in congress have had the upper hand as to where they want to lead the country. Since the 1960’s, while we the American People were working hard and trying to live the American dream, Bills Ayers and his cohorts have been steadily working themselves into power positions in the government. Acorn and the unions were directly involved in bringing about the mortage crisis, The banks and Wall Street followed this lead and because of massive corruption in our government they were able to bring the whole economic world to its knees. All this was planned or as I like to say it was “the game that was laid to be played”.

    Meanwhile, the American People, out of ignorance and the government having us on a “hamster’s wheel”, trusted that our government was doing with by the American People. Nothing was further from the truth.

    From the time that Regan left the White House, the progressives inched us toward Socialism and robbed our coffers, one to line their pockets, 2 to have enough people on welfare to break our society and give the Progressives more power.

    Time to take drastic measures as the “Socialist band plays on”. Amnesty for illegals will give the Dems a broader base and more power. Making Puerto Rico a state does the same thing.

    We have to involve ourselves with stopping the socialist train before it goes off the cliff and we become anothe Cuba, Venezuela or China.


  22. Pianochick2010

    As a high school student, I’m working on a paper discussing the rise of socialism in America. It sickens me to watch my country fall farther and farther away from the conservative principles it was founded upon. Ronald Reagan said in his Inaugural Address in 1981 that “We are a nation that has a government–not the other way around….It is time to check and reverse the growth of government which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed.”
    Also, concerning the quote from Norman Thomas, the 1948 presidential candidate, indeed, the people will never accept Socialism outright; but to quote James Madison, “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachment of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” It truly is time for America to wake up!

  23. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You have a wrong interpretation about socialism. You should educate yourself about matters before deciding to write about them. Have you even read Marx?

    First fact: America is not built on christian values but on the blood of Indians and hard work of slaves.

    Second fact: America is not the most powerful nation because you worked hard but because you wage wars all around the globe and steal resources from other nations leaving misery and poverty behind.

    Also, you say “I have worked my ass off for the past 32 years and I do not feel at all obliged to allow a bloated government to try to deliver “an idyllic future” to the doorsteps of all those who haven’t.” Seems to me you’re taught to think that working hard is a good thing which should be awarded. Well, guess what, by working hard you’ve spent more resources, directly influencing waging more wars for those resources, you’ve damaged the ecosystem endangering the future of your children, you’ve supported a consumerist society and helped bring debt and misery to your people and you’ve helped the rich get even more rich and powerful. Congratulations, but I think the “idyllic future” should be brought to those who’ve worked moderately, lived not beyond their means, spent more time with friends and family making those who love them more happy and fulfilled, helped others in need instead of helping corporations and the rich. Y’know, those who’d be labeled “good people” by Jesus himself. Also, working hard is ok but you should work responsibly, not any way you see fit. Guards in Auschwitz worked hard but they were not working responsibly regarding the well being of humankind…the same way the worker in some chemical factory which pollutes the river isn’t.

    Wouldn’t you be more proud to live in a country where strong care for the weak? The country which is looked op to by people throughout the World not out of fear but out of genuine respect? The country with responsible foreign policy, not the one which lies to it’s own people and the rest of the World?

    The truth is that America and her corporations are great and powerful. But no one respects you. Everyone is sick of you. And everyone is afraid of you. Sounds like a tyrant, not an inspiring leader.


    • Dave Johannes

      You are absolutely clueless and have been completely brainwashed by who ever educated you. Maybe you should read history – you probably think Stalin and Mao were great leaders, Che Guevara was a freedom fighter when in fact they were all murders.

    • Freedomequality

      Wiess, thank you! You are exactly right. I am finishing my degree in American Studies at university and the points you bring up are true and valid, as you know. I think it’s funny that johannes sayes “you are completly wrong and naive” when it is himself that lacks a current and well rounded education. Maybe he should go back to school and stay out of the business classrooms for awhile.

      • Dave Johannes

        Of course you are a student! It’s no wonder you are naive and brainwashed. That is the job of the liberal left who now dominate professors in the university system. The problems with the government/federal deficit is not due to a shortfall in needed revenue -it is due to wasteful spending and a lack of sound operating practices. The other growing problem in this country is a lack of personal responsibility and accountability. Unemployment for those who want to work is cured by allowing the job creators to keep enough to grow their businesses. Excessive taxes kill this. In the past 20 years the largest areas of middle class wage growth has been through unionized government jobs which oh by the way consume growth not build it. These jobs are fed off the tax stream they do not add to it! A simple example of government waste – how can these jobs outpace the private sector when they do not generate revenue for the government? Let’s also remember that there are about 5.5% of the unemployed who do not want a job. My company has a plant in a state with high unemployment where we have had job openings for almost 6 months now that we can’t fill and these jobs pay between $14 & 25 per hour plus excellent benefits. So where are the workers? You need to take a few business classes and then go visit life in the real world it’s quite different from life in the classroom. Bottom line is government controlled economy is socialism which always eventually leads to tryanny.

  24. Ashley and Da'Nae

    Dear Mr.Dave Johannes,
    We are doing a film project in our government class over a political issue. We chose the topic of socialism consuming America. We have thoroughly read through some of your work and love your viewpoint on the topic. One of our requirements for this project is to interview one or more persons outside of our school. If possible, a skype interview with you would be exactly what we need! If our film qualifies we have the chance to air on C-SPAN and possibly win money. Will you please consider our request? You can contact us at nae32154@yahoo.com.


  25. We need a return to running this country the way the founding fathers intended us to run it.

  26. gayrightsforall

    Progressive movements are becomming more and more gay. Thats why i love it!

  27. Hahaha, we are nowhere near socialism. Ask any socialist out there. Not one of us will say Obama is a socialist and not one of us will say the country is headed in the right direction. I actually had some pretty high hopes for Obama too.

    Stop just accepting what your party says as truth and do some research on your own. If you think we’re headed for socialism, you have no idea what socialists stand for.

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