The Democrat’s next present to America – Universal Voter Registration

In the very near future, Sen. Chuck Schumer, (D) NY and Rep. Barney Frank, (D) MA are planning to introduce legislation to begin universal voter registration. Their proposal would require automatic registration of all potential voters from government lists such as welfare rolls, unemployment rolls, property tax lists, military records, driver’s license list and even criminal records – basically any list kept by the government or public record would be fair game for inclusion. If you show up in a public file and are of voting age you will be registered whether you request it or not. Another important aspect is that state laws on elections would be overridden by a federal mandate, potentially giving the feds the power to meddle in all state election outcomes.

This is a recipe for all kinds of potential new voter fraud. To start with no matter what they claim, the rule changes will make it possible for illegal aliens to register to vote. Many illegal aliens have driver’s licenses and many others get government benefits. Therefore, they will be included in the lists which will be the source for the voter rolls. It also creates the possibility for people to be registered multiple times because people’s names and other identification information are frequently recorded differently on different lists. The legislation is also expected to give felons the right to vote.

So why is this going to suddenly be a priority piece of legislation for the Democrats? Have you seen the polls lately? With ACORN in trouble for a variety of reasons the Democrat’s “get out the vote machine” may not be available for the critical 2010 election. This legislation may be their best shot at hanging on by introducing a large new voter base that they can manipulate. Maybe the Democrats are not as self destructive as we think – maybe they have a plan after all.

Watch these videos they explain a lot:

Read more here:

Wake up America! The American way of life is under full scale attack! We must fight back. We can not allow the left to take control of the election process. Voting is a right – of citizens, making both a duty and a privilege! It should be protect by the government for only those whom are entitled to it. Since voting is such a powerful right all citizens should be willing to make the extra effort required to register and prove their citizenship to exercise this right, it is also their duty to help protect the system. If voting is important to you – you will find the time to follow the registration process. Given all the attempted fraud in recent elections we should tighten not loosen the registration system, after all shouldn’t mericans decide the course of the country?  

Restore the Republic, Reject Universal Voter Registration!

One response to “The Democrat’s next present to America – Universal Voter Registration

  1. Not much to worry about. Elections in the US are a joke. Behold Mr. Change-We-Can-Believe-In acting like Dubya-with-a-smile.

    It is hard to think of a single member of Congress who has the true interests of the public at heart. They are elected more by the media than by “us the people.” They mostly distract us with side-issues (like this one) while ignoring the very real problems of deliberate mismanagement of the U.S. government on a grand scale.


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