Obama Approval Index Hits -21

According to Rasmussen Reports, President Obama has matched his lowest Approval Index rating. This is the second time his Approval Index has gone this low. The last time was in late December as the Senate prepared to approve its version of health care reform. It hardly seems a coincidence given this week’s health care summit.

Also a new Rasmussen Reports phone survey finds that 56% of those surveyed oppose the proposed health care reform plans. This includes 45% who strongly oppose the plans while only 23% strongly favor it. The level of opposition has remained strong and consistent since last November.

The president called for a bipartisan summit meeting to get his health care reform plan back on track. The meeting was held this week. In response to the meeting surveys show that 61% of voters said Congress should scrap the current proposals and go back to the drawing board. The president is adamant that he won’t start over and that he will pass something this year. This has resulted in 50% of those surveyed saying the president has done a poor job in handling the health care reform issue.

Other Observations from Rasmussen:

Eighty-three percent (83%) of Americans say the size of the federal budget deficit is due more to the unwillingness of politicians to cut government spending than to the reluctance of taxpayers to pay more in taxes.

Only 11% of American adults think the nation needs to increase its deficit spending to improve the economy. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 70% disagree and say it would be better to cut the deficit.

Rasmussen By the Numbers:

Mood of the Country

The US is on the Wrong Track – 65%

Generic Congressional Ballot – GOP +9

Trust on the Issues: Democrats vs. Republicans

The Republicans now lead the Democrats by wide margins in trust factor on every major issue the country is facing:

Economy: D = 42% R = 46%

National Security: D = 40% R = 49%

War in Iraq: D = 38% R = 46%

Immigration: D = 36% R = 43%

Education: D = 36% R = 40%

Health Care: D = 37% R = 49%

Social Security: D = 35% R = 45%

Abortion: D = 32% R = 46%

Taxes: D = 34% R = 50%

President Obama – what will it take to get you to listen. The will of the people is clear. They want reduced spending, lower taxes and start over on health care reform. They want more jobs and they believe that the free market is the answer to solving that problem. The priority is jobs not health care.

For the second straight week there was bad news in the weekly job report. In the week ending Feb. 20, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 496,000, an increase of 22,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 474,000. The previous week’s labor department job report showed initial claims for unemployment benefits increased 31,000 to 473,000.

Most of us do not believe the economy is growing stronger just because the bleeding has slowed. We are still losing jobs; more people have become discouraged and quit looking which is the only reason the unemployment rate dropped to 9.7% in January. Officially there are 14,453,421 unemployed but the real number is 24,197,207 with 38,917,749 receiving food stamps. The 2010 year to date figures show another 856,357 foreclosures have occurred as well as 1,406,434 bankruptcies were filed, indicating the problem is far from over.

Conservatives need to keep the heat on. The Republicans are not necessarily the answer as they have proven in the past. Hold everyone accountable! The free market and non governmental job growth coupled with tax cuts and a major spending reduction are the only things that will save our economy.

Restore the Republic, Restore the Free Market Economy – Reject the Agenda of the Progressive Left, Reject Big Government and Government Run Health Care!

“If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to Thomas Cooper, Nov 29, 1802 

“The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Taylor, May 28, 1816

7 responses to “Obama Approval Index Hits -21

  1. Actually, the majority favors a public option for health insurance. The country is on the wrong track because Obama and the Democrats haven’t reversed enough of the failed policies of the Bush administration.

    We voted for change and what we got was more of the same.

    • What poll shows that the majority of Americans favor a “public option”? I’d love to see your supporting data. As for Obama and his administration – They are doing everything within their power to castrate the Constitution and destroy the free market, which by the way is the only thing that can save us? Bush and his cronies did their share of damage on the government spending front, too. I am in favor of a return to a Constitutional Republic that controls the size of the federal budget, reduces taxes and cuts federal spending. In other words I want to be America again! If Obama and his band of theives have their way – we will be socialists and we will lose a large portion of our freedom. Read history – Socialism, Marxism, Progressivism – whatever you want to call it and Keynesian Economics DOES NOT WORK! Wake up, comrade!

  2. Ben,
    What poll are you finding those numbers because I sure have not seen that anywhere. The Dems are in complete control so why have they not already passed it? Come on! Feel Froggy Jump damnit!
    I will tell you the reason and it is because they know they are going home in November if they go against the American people. They cannot stand the thought of leaving their job full of perks and DC high life!

    • [What poll are you finding those numbers because I sure have not seen that anywhere.]

      Well, sure you’re not going to see that on Fox “news.” I did a quick search for it and got many hits. Here’s the first one that came up:


      • So you are using a poll that is 5 months old to support your position? (Note this was just about the time the tide really began to turn against the Progressives.) Don’t like Rasmussen? How about Gallup? – Feb. 25, 2010? 49% oppose the proposed plan if no bi-partisian compromise can be reached with only 42% supporting it. Also by a count of 52% to 39% Americans are opposed to any attempt to jam a plan through. Or Newsweek? – you know the “We are all Socialists Now” guys – their poll (2/20) shows 49% – 40% against the plans. Real Clear Politics average of all polls shows 51% to 40% oppose. The tide has turned so far against this legislation that Americans want the process to start over. There is need to improve the system but most Americans do not want; an overhaul, government run health care or excessive government spending to achieve reform. Ben – just like the president – it is time for you to get in touch with the people!

      • I don’t doubt those numbers, but the issue was the “public option.” PUBLIC OPTION. The public option is not in the proposed Senate bill or Obama’s latest proposal. The majority is in favor of a PUBLIC OPTION. Get it?

      • No I don’t – the majority of the public want nothing at all – read the polls, the new ones. Nobody wants this bill except the Progressives! If they jam it through there will be hell to pay. Again show me ONE recent poll from a credible source that says the majority want a public option now!

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