You say you want a revolution…

Is this what we have come to? This is America. Legal immigrants are welcome here. This is not about legal immigration – it is about people who are breaking the law and then demanding rights. It is time to stop the madness and enforce our laws. American citizens who opposed the Healthcare Reform bill endured media scrutiny and harsh criticism for exercising their right to free speech. However, now the media is cheerleading the bad behavior of both the left and illegal immigrants because they agreewith them. This must stop now. Enforce the federal immigration laws and secure the border. This type of behavior is offensive to law abiding, tax paying citizens.  

2 responses to “You say you want a revolution…

  1. I am virtually speechless, but not quite. Here is an “educator” speaking to the intellectual vacuousness of youth and their older but typically uneducated peers to engage in revolution against the country and system that they risked so much to get to and has afforded them, even though illegal so much. If life here is so unbearable, I note there is no one stopping their return to the wonderful life in mexico they so reluctantly left. But understand this, as the man said, part of the US is in their view is captured terratory occupied by us and they want it back. Not the everyday” Jose” per say, but the leftist leadership that supports this madness in everyway possible. When you have a so called “friendly” govt. doing what it can to undermine us and decry our enforcement efforts (no, that was not a joke) one does have to wonder. They get double duty out of this whole thing by not having to take care of or deal with the poor, uneducated. Think about this, when was the last time you saw a light skinned castilian spainard like the hotties you see on mex tv trying to get here? Believe it, the racism question falls most heavily on their own doorstep. I would suggest that a great deal of attention be payed to what this clown is saying, because folks your nightmare is here. Of course thats just my opinion, been wrong before, lets see that was 1952.

  2. JadedByPolitics

    If they want a revolution one will come. I really don’t think that most of those leftists ever think everything through to their obvious conclusions which is that there are 65 MILLION registered weapons in the United States of America! that is too say they are owned legally and probably 90% of those owners have done some form of practice with their weapons.

    This is not a game, this is OUR LIVES and this is OUR COUNTRY!

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