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Another Obama Commie – Mfg Czar Ron Bloom

Obama Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom also agrees with Mao and thinks Free Market is Nonsense!

The White House vetting process continues to work perfectly as another commie makes the grade! If this Mr Bloom believes that free markets are a joke – Nonsense as proclaims and power comes from the end of a gun – Where do you think we are headed?

Wake up America – the army of  White House commies is growing!

Restore the Republic, Revolt against Communism!

Van Jones Resigns

At midnight Saturday, Van Jones stepped down as the Green Jobs Czar as pressure mounted on the administration to address an endless stream of quotes and videos surfaced showing how radical Mr. Jones and his associations have been. The Progressives and Jones will call this a smear campaign but the comments and videos speak for themselves. They show  a man committed to his ideals. Unfortunately for Jones these ideals are not what America wants or believes. Rather than calling this a smear campaign, to use the words of the president himself; maybe this was a teachable moment. The lesson – the citizens can also be committed to their principles and will push back when our public servants are not listening.

See the full WallStreet Journal article on his resignation below:

This should also serve as a reminder to all citizens that is our right to be heard. Keep speaking out against the things that you don’t like – it is your right as an American.

Restore the Republic, Reject the agenda of the Progressive Left!

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry


“Truther” Van Jones

So here is more distrubing Van Jones news. Apparently in 2004 he signed on with the 911 Truthers, a group that believes that the government allowed the attack to happen to justify a war in the Middle East. Of course, now Jones says he never really meant it.
How many things will Jones and the rest of the adminstration be given a pass on before the “good guys” in Congress and the news media, assuming there are any left, step up and say something is wrong. The country has always had unscrupulous politicians and news people who were willing to look the other way to advance their own beliefs…. but seriously this getting ridiculous, there seems to be a crazy or a crook every where you look! 
Go to article using link below:
It is time for President to ask Jones to resign. There really is nothing else left to do. If the President continues to support Jones then at a minimum we must question his judgement.
Restore the Republic, Reject the Progressive Left!

Van Jones Update – Republicans are As* hol*s

On Feb. 11th before his appointment as the Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones said Republicans are assholes. Regardless of the spin this guy is “who we think he is”! A radicalcommunist should not have a job atthe White House – period. So based on all we know about him, where are the cries of righteous indignation from Republicans and fair minded democrats to have him removed?

Write your representative and ask them what they plan to do to address this. Make your voice heard. Restore the Republic, Revolt against Communism!