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Rev Wright is so Wrong!

So if you have any doubts left about President Obama and his radical friends – this should remove any that remain.

Below is a video of Wright speaking to an audience at The Monthly Review sixtieth anniversary celebration held by the New York Society for Ethical Culture on September 17, 2009. At the event Dr. Wright set the tone, by declaring that: “Militarism, capitalism and racism, domestic oppression, foreign military aggression, victims of neo-colonialism, victims of community and national racism, and the Cold War days in its infancy to the needless war in Vietnam in its [MR’s] second decade, through wars of greed in Afghanistan and Iraq in [its] sixth decade” were all incisively covered by the magazine. Wright said Monthly Review’s indefatigable insistence on the need to put “people before profits,” and praised its’ unflinching criticisms of inequality, injustice, and the realities of capitalism.

What is Monthly Review? An Independent Socialist Magazine – Monthly Review speaks to workers, labor organizers, activists, and academics. A scholarly, accessible critique of capitalism, edited by John Bellamy Foster. From their website; “In May 1949 Monthly Review began publication in New York City, as cold war hysteria gathered force in the United States. … From the first Monthly Review spoke for socialism and against U.S. imperialism, and is still doing so today. From the first Monthly Review was independent of any political organization, and is still so today. … In the subsequent global upsurge against capitalism, imperialism and the commodification of life (in shorthand “1968”) Monthly Review played a global role. A generation of activists received no small part of their education as subscribers to the magazine and readers of Monthly Review Press books”. The magazine features the writings of such notable communists such as Frances Fox Piven, Robert McChesney and Bernadine Dorhn.

As it so often is the truth is very simple. Listen to Dr. Wright describe his feelings bout Marxism, Socialism and Communism – these are things he believes in. He has believed in them for along time. Obama has acknowledged tht Wright was a mentor. Wright married him and Michelle. Wright was their pastor for twenty years. Obama can not clim he did not know who Wright really was, to do so is at a minimum disingenuous or worse a straight up lie.

There has emerged a very clear pattern that this president enjoys the company of Marxists, Socilists and Communists. He has filled the West Wing and surrounded himself with them. Watch these videos and listen as Dr. Wright praises the very forms of government that we have fought to avoid since our national conception 233 years ago.

This is who Barack Obama and his advisers are – communists that want to “fundamentally transform America”. Wake up America! The threat is real…

Restore the Republic, Reject Communism!


Another Obama Commie – Mfg Czar Ron Bloom

Obama Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom also agrees with Mao and thinks Free Market is Nonsense!

The White House vetting process continues to work perfectly as another commie makes the grade! If this Mr Bloom believes that free markets are a joke – Nonsense as proclaims and power comes from the end of a gun – Where do you think we are headed?

Wake up America – the army of  White House commies is growing!

Restore the Republic, Revolt against Communism!

Obama’s Newest Moonbat – Anita Dunn

Last Fall, as story after story broke during the Obama transition, the media speculated that the administration’s vetting process for appointees might need some fine tuning. Several candidates for Cabinet and other posts were forced to withdraw as unsavory parts of their backgrounds emerged after their nominations were announced. The list of failed nominees includes former NM Gov. Bill Richardson, former Sen. Majority Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer. 

Turns out their vetting process works just the way they want it to. Since the early failures they added all the riff raff through the backdoor by way of the Czar program. If you look up and down the list of regular appointees and Czars – it is quite a list. It is a list of self avowed radicals and revolutionaries that openly admire their counterparts around the world. 

Look at this list: 

Rahm Emmanuel – W.H. Chief of Staff

Cass Sunstein – Regulatory Czar

John Holdren – Science Czar

Eric Holder – Attorney General

Valerie Jarrett – Special Advisor to the President

Kevin Jennings – School Safety Czar

Van Jones – former Green Jobs Czar

Carol Browner – Energy & Climate Czar

Adolfo Carrion, Jr. – Urban Affairs Policy Czar

Steve Rattner – former Car Czar

Mark Lloyd – FCC Diversity Czar 

This list includes communists, socialists, Marxists, Chicago thugs, crooks, cronies, fans of Hugo Chavez, Castro and Che Guevara. Make no mistake; this is a group of radicals. And now we can add to the list… Anita Dunn, The White House Communications Director and self proclaimed fan of Mao Se Tung. Dunn describes Mao as one of her most influential political philosophers. In case you are unaware the all time mass murderer rankings show the following philosophers ranked 1,2,3: 1. Mao Se Tung (70MM killed), 2. Josef Stalin (20+MM killed), 3. Adolph Hitler (14MM killed). I guess all socialists need a role model. 

Watch as Ms. Dunn explains her hero’s determination at a speech to a group of high school students.

Rumor has it that Dunn will be leaving her White House post later this year, if not she should be fired but again this is the type of radical the President likes to surround himself with.

Restore the Republic, Evict the Communists from the White House!

Van Jones Resigns

At midnight Saturday, Van Jones stepped down as the Green Jobs Czar as pressure mounted on the administration to address an endless stream of quotes and videos surfaced showing how radical Mr. Jones and his associations have been. The Progressives and Jones will call this a smear campaign but the comments and videos speak for themselves. They show  a man committed to his ideals. Unfortunately for Jones these ideals are not what America wants or believes. Rather than calling this a smear campaign, to use the words of the president himself; maybe this was a teachable moment. The lesson – the citizens can also be committed to their principles and will push back when our public servants are not listening.

See the full WallStreet Journal article on his resignation below:


This should also serve as a reminder to all citizens that is our right to be heard. Keep speaking out against the things that you don’t like – it is your right as an American.

Restore the Republic, Reject the agenda of the Progressive Left!

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry


Van Jones Update – Republicans are As* hol*s

On Feb. 11th before his appointment as the Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones said Republicans are assholes. Regardless of the spin this guy is “who we think he is”! A radicalcommunist should not have a job atthe White House – period. So based on all we know about him, where are the cries of righteous indignation from Republicans and fair minded democrats to have him removed?

Write your representative and ask them what they plan to do to address this. Make your voice heard. Restore the Republic, Revolt against Communism!

Who are these People? … Van Jones, Green Jobs Czar

Candidate Barack Obama campaigned on these messages:

 “Change we can believe in” “Hope and Change” “Change we need” And … “Yes We Can!” 

This sounds so positive, so benign and yet… 

As he prepared to take office after winning the election we began to hear a stronger message….. 

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”. – President- Elect Barack Obama 

Transform to what?  This is still the greatest nation on earth! Can someone define what we are fixing?  Sure there are things we can do better, but fundamentally transform America? Folks, this does not sound like a tune up or some tweaking. Webster defines fundamental as: “constituting or functioning as an essential component of a system or structure: basic”. In America, the foundation of our society is the Constitution, making it the basic component.  

Now for all of you that voted for this president I ask – were you voting for a “fundamental transformation” of your country? If your answer is yes, what was it you were expecting to change? Did you still expect to operate under the Constitution? Did you want bigger and more intrusive government controlling your life, your income and your basic freedoms? Or as I would suspect with most were you just looking for a tune up, you know a few basic policy changes to make your life a little easier? Were you really expecting to be asked to give up your liberty, your freedom, and the American way of life? Is this really what you signed up for? 

Whether it is or not we are on a fast track to an America that most of us could never have envisioned. In this new America, we would use terms like “redistribution of wealth”, “social justice”, “government run health care”, “death panels” and “civilian security forces”, an America where we would be debating the merits of nationalizing the auto industry, nationalizing the banks, capping executive pay, taxing carbon emissions, cattle flatulence, soda and referring to our citizens who do not agree with proposed legislation as domestic terrorists?   Where the hell are we? We appear to be evolving, if the people in charge have there way into a hybrid government which is part communist and part fascist. See definitions below:

Communism: the political theory or system in which all property and wealth is owned in a classless society by all the members of that society 

Fascism: any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism 

If you merge the bolded parts of each you end up where we appear to be headed as follows: “a movement, ideology, or attitude that favors a classless society, centralized control of private enterprise and repression of all opposition 

The majority party leadership (with plenty of help from the minority) of this country has decided that “we the people” gave them a mandate to do whatever they think is best. Now that their agenda has become increasingly clearer and people have begun to push back, we are getting signals that they intend to ignore us and push ahead whether we like it or not. 

Friends, I am afraid the message is becoming quite clear. So is the answer to my opening question – Who are these people? This will be the first in a series of posts to answer that question. We will begin with Van Jones. 

Van Jones is President Obama’s Green Jobs Czar. Prior to the creation of this position had you ever heard of Van Jones? Who is he and where did come from? 

Van Jones, is obviously an intelligent and engaging man with a checkered and troubling past. To start with Jones is a San Francisco extremist who admits to having been “radicalized in jail.”

Leading up to Rodney King trial, Jones said, “I was a just rowdy black nationalist on April 28th [1992], and then the verdicts came down on April 29th. By August, I was a communist. (…) I met all these young radical people of color – I mean really radical: communists and anarchists. And it was, like, ‘This is what I need to be a part of.’ I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary.

In the late 90s, Jones was involved in Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement nicknamed(STORM), a multi-racial activist collective with Marxist influences. While never large, STORM was an influential group in the Bay Area, working with numerous organizations including Bay Area Police Watch, School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL), and People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER). So strong were his radical beliefs that  Jones’ named one of his sons Cabral, in honor of Amilcar Cabral, the African Marxist who spoke to Castro’s Tricontinental Congress in 1966.

Van Jones is also the founder of both the Ella Baker Center and Green For All, as well senior fellow with the Center for American Progress and heavily involved with the Apollo Alliance another environmental/green jobs organization.

Here is Van Jones; in his own words: 

Feb 28, 2009, Keynote Speech at the Powershift ’09 Conference: 

“Because obviously we need some help, we need some wisdom from some place else. Because what we’ve come up with here (America) don’t make no sense at all”! 

 “All we do is take out the dirty power system, the dirty power generation in a system and just replace it with some clean stuff, put a solar panel on top of this system. We don’t deal with how we are consuming water, we don’t deal with how we’re treating our other sister and other brothers’ species, we don’t deal with toxins, we don’t deal with the way we treat each other, if that’s not a part of this movement, let me tell you what you’ll have. This is all you’ll have. You’ll have solar powered bulldozers, solar powered buzz saws, and biofuel bombers and we’ll be fighting wars over lithium for the batteries instead of oil for the engines and we’ll still have a dead planet. This movement is deeper than a solar panel, deeper than a solar panel. Don’t stop there. Don’t stop there. No, we’re going to change the whole system. This movement is deeper than a solar panel, deeper than a solar panel. Don’t stop there. Don’t stop there. No, we’re going to change the whole system. We’re going to change the whole thing. We’re not going to put a new battery in a broken system. We want a new system. We want a new system”. 

Watch the full keynote speech here:

Here is an additional video from Glenn Beck with more background. 

Here is another quote from an interview he did as the head of the Ella Baker Center. 

 “The white polluters and the white environmentals are essentially steering poison into the people of colored communities”. 

If the average American made such a racially charged comment in an interview they would immediately branded as a racist and ostracized by the media. So how can you have this background and end up as a senior presidential advisor?

Jones views environmental activism as a means to advance the ultra-left’s Orwellian notion of “justice.” It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that there is no way this guy could have confirmed for any other job. He was an admitted communist and political radical – Czar was the only way in. But has Jones changed his ways?

Jones’ former colleague, Eva Paterson, president of the Equal Justice Society admits for a while Van was running around spouting 1960s rhetoric and romanticizing revolutionary icons. However, Eva says she advised Van to: “Rethink his tactics” and to “work for change in wiser ways.” Please notice that her advice was to change tactics rather than ideologies. In a 2005 interview Jones described his new found philosophy like this, “I’m willing to forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends.”

Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity draws the clear parallel between Jones’ communist and environmentalist advocacy: “I think it’s pretty instructive what his past is… it’s the same sort of philosophy, the idea that government ought to be reordering society in accordance with some utopian vision that failed with communism and socialism, and will fail with this green jobs idea”.

Given this guy’s background – Is this the profile of someone we want to responsible for helping ensure the American way of life, a way of life he clearly shows disdain for? Is this whose advice we want the president to seek? Remember, Obama has said we should judge him by the people he surrounds himself with. So if you are known by the company you keep….

America, are you awake yet? 

In the words of Buffalo Springfield, ” There’s something happening here, What it is ain’t exactly clear … I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down”! Pay attention, your country is depending on you. The founding fathers warned us this could happen. Stand up, Be counted, Make your voice heard… Restore the Republic and the American Way!

“Liberty, not communism, is the most contagious force in the world” – Earl Warren


“Capitalism and communism stand at opposite poles. Their essential difference is this: The communist, seeing the rich man and his fine home, says: ‘No man should have so much.’ The capitalist, seeing the same thing, says: ‘All men should have so much.’” – Unknown


“Communism teaches and seeks two objectives: unrelenting class warfare and the complete eradication of private ownership” –  Pope Pius XI


“How can limited government and fiscal restraint be equated with lack of compassion for the poor? How can a tax break that puts a little more money in the weekly paychecks of working people be seen as an attack on the needy? Since when do we in America believe that our society is made up of two diametrically opposed classes—one rich, one poor—both in a permanent state of conflict and neither able to get ahead except at the expense of the other? Since when do we in America accept this alien and discredited theory of social and class warfare? Since when do we in America endorse the politics of envy and division?”  – Ronald Reagan

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world”. – Thomas Jefferson


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