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The Green Police: A Joke or A Prediction


So we all laughed when we saw the Audi ad during the Super Bowl featuring Cheap Trick’s Dream Police remade as The Green Police. The ad was clever probably appealing to both sides of the Environmental/Climate Change argument as either humorous or serious depending on your point of view. However, upon further review this is a clever  multi-layered propaganda campaign that clearly supports the progressive/green agenda.

From the Audi ad campaign:

“Every day consumers around the globe are faced with a myriad of decisions in their quest to become more environmentally responsible citizens. Paper or plastic? Bottled water or tap water? Gas or electric? Compost bucket or recycling bin? So many questions; yet so many conflicting answers. It can be overwhelming.

Now consumers have help, from the Green Police.

As part of the lead up to their third consecutive Super Bowl ad, Audi has created a fictional Green Police unit that are caricatures of today’s green movement. The Green Police are a humorous group of individuals that have joined forces in an effort to collectively help guide consumers to make the right decision when it comes to the environment. They’re not here to judge, merely to guide these decisions.

Coincidentally, there are numerous real Green Police units globally that are furthering green practices and environmental issues. For example, Israel’s main arm of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Audi strives to help protect the environment in all aspects of our vehicle manufacturing. Environmental Protection in the area of enforcement and deterrence is called; you guessed it, the Green Police. New York has officers within the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation that are fondly called the Green Police. The Green Police is also the popular name for Vietnam’s Environmental Police Department and the UK has a group who dresses in green as part of the Environment Agency’s squad to monitor excessive CO2 emissions”.

Now watch the ad again and the companion collateral available on the web site and see how funny you really think it is.

Today the Green Movement is the new religion that the world’s elite have created to move their agenda forward. This is being done under the banner of saving the planet, social justice and redistribution of wealth while retaining the power for themselves.

The threat to the world is not man-made global warming or climate change. The threat to the world, is the groups of fanatics who want to impose their values and desires on others.

Remember these quotes:

Quote by Maurice Strong, a primary power behind UN throne: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

Quote by Jeffery Sachs, Columbia University, Director of The Earth Institute: “Obama is already setting a new historic course by reorienting the economy from private consumption to public investments…free-market pundits bemoan the evident intention of Obama and team to ‘tell us what kind of car to drive’. Yet that is exactly what they intend to do…and rightly so. Free-market ideology is an anachronism in an era of climate change.”

Quote by Michael Oppenheimer, major environmentalist: “The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another United States. We can’t let other countries have the same number of cars, the amount of industrialization, we have in the US. We have to stop these Third World countries right where they are.”

The government is promising to create more jobs. We know the IRS is hiring agents. What’s next – the EPA and Green Police? It is not really that far fetched. Apparently the Green Police already exist in places around the world including the U.S. If the government has its’ way – will their numbers will continue to grow?

Congress’ inability to pass Cap & Trade resulted in the EPA declaring CO2 a harmful pollutant. With that as its’ launching pad the EPA is promising new regulations next month. There are a host of new federal mandates on everything from outdoor light bulbs and table lamps to water dispensers, commercial hot food cabinets, and Jacuzzis. (Remember the commercial!) Expecting people to be good stewards of the planet is one thing – but to create an environmental Gestapo would be another.

The real objective is social reengineering not saving the planet. It is time to see the green agenda, for what it is. Climate change and the green movement are mostly a giant money making, power grabbing scam for the elite – and YOU are the victim. Wake Up! Do your own research, the truth is out there – this is a scam.

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” – Mark Twain