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3 responses to “Blog Talk Radio

  1. hello … very very good ~ we are BROTHERs

    ……….. PATRIOTs as inFOUNDn FATHERs
    ……….. alWAYs SPEAK +++ TRUTH +++
    ……….. theWORD of TRUTH is ourSWORD
    ……….. theACT of LOVE&HONOR ourSHiELD

  2. David Somerville

    Well, one thing you can count on is Stacey Mathia of Michigan running for governor. Will she really support the Second Amendment the way our Founders intended? Will she help implement a ban on lead in bullets much like you can expect the Republican and Demoncrat gubernatorial candidates will cooperate with? Its hard to say. Will she insist on ARRESTING Federal Agents who are rapaciously violating the rights of the people of Michigan? Its hard to say. Perhaps you can visit her website at and ask her those questions and INSIST that she answer….she has a really hard time answering things.

  3. Getting rid of OBAMA is the most important thing we must do to begin repairing the damage that he has caused to USA.

    California begins teaching 5 year olds about homosexual and transgendered people history. Nothing at all bad can be said about homosexuals, bisexuals or transgendered people.

    OBAMA = One Big Ass Mistake America

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