St. Paul Tea Party Page

April 15, 2009, St. Paul MN – From 5 pm to 8 pm a grassroots organization of local citizens staged a rally at the MN State Capitol to send a message to their elected officals regarding excessive taxes, out of control government spending, nationalization of private businesses, government intervention and regulation, loss of individual freedoms and national sovereignity.

No elected officals were invited to speak at our rally. We focused on business owners, subject matter experts, and average citizens. The crowd began to assemble around 4 pm and by the time the rally ended we had between 7,500 and 8,500 attendees. The well behaved crowd drew across a wide range of the political spectrum which mirrored the grassroots organizing efforts. The crowd included mothers, children, men, women, people of various faiths, backgrounds and social status. There wore lots of home made signs and many wore t-shirts that read “a Revolution is brewing.” The organizing team was made up of independents, libretarians, republicans and blue dog democrats. The rally’s message was non partisan and focused on the issues.

Emcee Sue Jeffers encouraged participants to get involved, talk to friends, run for office and take back our state. Jeffers said, “This isn’t a one-time hissy fit; this is the start of something big.”

The St. Paul Tea Party Organizing Team has future events planned. The first is supporting popular radio host Jason Lewis’ Tax Cut Rally scheduled for May 2nd also at the state capitol. Following that there are plans for both a July 4th event and an event on Sept. 17th which is Constitution Day.

3 responses to “St. Paul Tea Party Page

  1. I was there and it was awesome. This is only the beginning because Mr. President, you have woken a sleeping GIANT!

  2. Mysteriously missing political photos! I am one of those people who still use one of the ancient cameras with the old film. I am a Tea Party Patriot and SEIU member. CVS pharmacy in St. Paul initially, allegedly lost my photos. The lab manager said, “I processed them.” & then said they must have been given to someone else. After calling management and a supposed investigation with no call back, I called CVS again only to be told, “The order was never processed, it was canceled.” These were several Tea Party Photos, Keith Ellison town hall photos, Democratic health care rally photos and Ron Pauls’ visit to the Northrup photos. I am a health care worker that is facing possible Lay off and the possibility of forced vaccination as a condition of employment. One photo is of Josh from McCollums’ staff who took a picture of me and told me,”I have your face on camera now.” I took his picture back and told him I have a picture of him too. There was nothing illegal or unconstitutional on these photos. Sure would be nice to get my photos back!

  3. Hey sounds like it was a fun time.

    For America,

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