Millions of US Tax $$ Repair Foreign Mosques

This is unbelievable! $770 million dollars in U.S. taxpayer funds are being used to save mosques overseas. No further comment is required watch this video…

One response to “Millions of US Tax $$ Repair Foreign Mosques

  1. I am not a math person, but it doesn’t take a math person to know that the American people are being fleeced. I see my paycheck. It doesn’t go as far, not because I don’t work hard enough..(but you may have to check with my manager on that issue).. it is because we are being stolen from at every turn. Being taxed for services I don’t use is shameful. About 55% of all taxes collected in Oregon go to the Dept. of Education. I don’t have kids in school. I don’t mind being taxed for libraries. I do mind being taxed to provide a domestic military to subjugate the will of the people. And I don’t think most people like being made to bow and kneel and scrape to make a living for politicians.

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