Cap & Trade – It’s an Energy Tax

Remember no new taxes on anyone making less than $250K ? Guess what income tax isn’t the only way to create revenue – Oh no! YES WE CAN! Another moment of truth – you shouldn’t be surprised, this is just the beginning. This has got the potential to be just as bad as the healthcare reform bill. Most estimate this will cost the average American household an additional $1700 a year in utility costs.


We need to recognize that we are under attack. While you are protesting healthcare reform don’t forget to tell them to vote against The Waxman Markey Climate Change Bill as well.

One response to “Cap & Trade – It’s an Energy Tax

  1. The recent records and studies revealed
    1) 250,000 sq miles additional ice under the ice caps under water could not detect March/2009

    1)a -More Polar Bears existing now than ever before

    2) The Earths median temp has risen a whopping .7 degrees since 1950 NOAA

    3) All the countries that have tried similar projects have spent billions creating 1.7 Green Jobs sacrificing 10- regular jobs to create the green job. (take over)

    4) This is part of the conspiracy to socialize America with health care. Health care reform is NOT reform… it is designed to put all the insurance companies out of business within 4 to 5 years so everyone would have to rely on Uncle Sam. (take over)

    5) The president, who speaks with a FORKED TONGUE, has not attended a church since taking office. The reason coincides with the $1.5 million he has spent to block his birth certificate release. He is a Radical Muslim Extremist. With a DEEP Resentment against the USA

    I am 79, so what they gonna do to me…pull the plug.

    See ya’ll 9/12

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